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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: Journey to the Heart (mp3)


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Journey to the Heart

Osho entices us to the unknown, the ultimate. This journey is the greatest adventure open to man. It is one which requires the greatest daring, and one in which we have to risk our all.

For, as the Sufis say, "Man must die before he dies" die to the ego to be reborn to life. Revitalizing well-known Sufi stories, Osho talks about the ego as a barrier to one′s true self, the value of meditation, the difference between knowledge and wisdom, the connection between happiness and unhappiness, the beauty of sadness, and love as a transformative force.
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Excerpt from: Journey to the Heart, Chapter 1
"Sufism is not thinking about existence, it is being existence. It is not thinking, it is not doing something about existence. It is neither thought nor action. It is being.

"And right now, without any effort, you can be a Sufi. If you stop thinking, and if you drop the idea of doing something, if you drop the idea of being a thinker and a doer, if you simply are content to be, suddenly you are a Sufi. And this will be my effort while I am talking about Sufism: not to indoctrinate you, not to make you more knowledgeable, but to make a Sufi out of you.

"Sufis sing, they don’t give sermons, because life is more like a song and less like a sermon. And they dance, and they don’t talk about dogmas, because a dance is more alive, more like existence, more like the birds singing in the trees, and the wind passing through the pines; more like a waterfall, or clouds raining, or grass growing. The whole life is a dance, vibrating, throbbing, with infinite life.

"Sufis like to dance; they are not interested in dogmas. And they tell beautiful stories. Life is more like a story, less like a history. And Sufis have created beautiful small stories. On the surface, you may miss. On the surface, it will look just like an ordinary anecdote. But if you penetrate deep, Sufi stories are very much pregnant–pregnant with significance, pregnant with the significance of the Ultimate. So I will tell you a few stories, discuss the stories, to help you penetrate into the deeper core. Just to make you understand a few things about the heart, to help you, your energy, your whole being, for a new journey toward the heart. To push you–because you will be afraid.

"The heart is the most dangerous thing in the world.

"Every culture, every civilization, every so called religion, cuts every child off from his heart. It is a most dangerous thing. All that is dangerous comes out of the heart. Mind is more secure, and with the mind you know where you are. With the heart, no one ever knows where one is. With the mind, everything is calculated, mapped, measured. And you can feel the crowd always with you, in front of you, at the back of you. Many are moving on it; it is a highway–concrete, solid, gives you a feeling of security. With the heart you are alone. Nobody is with you. Fear grips, fear possesses you. Where are you going? Now you no longer know, because when you move with a crowd on a highway, you know where you are moving because you think the crowd knows." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

beautiful... ego... religion... center... heart... society... simple... gurdjieff... shibli... bayazid...

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