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Nansen: The Point of Departure

Based on the anecdotes of Zen master, Nansen, the Zen poetry of Sekiso, and questions from a disciple, this series of talks conveys Osho′s love for this radical revolutionary master of the Zen tradition. Osho speaks of Nansen as a courageous innovator who insisted that the spiritual is not separate from the material – which Nansen calls, "the point of departure" to enlightenment.
Osho says: "After Bodhidharma, Nansen is a new point of departure. He opens Zen to a wider variety, he gives Zen more dimensions. It is no more a small stream, but becomes an ocean."
Challenging the reader to be a whole person, not denying anything, Osho continually hits us with the Zen stick of his wit, encouraging us to "transform everything, including everything in your spiritual growth."
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Excerpt from: Nansen: The Point of Departure, Chapter 8
"But everybody is living with things which they wanted to drop. It is not only a question of a woman or a man. But they go on living with them; it seems risky to drop anything.

"Society wants you to be very orthodox, traditional. bJust follow the footpaths of your parents, donbt try to make your own path. Donbt try to become yourself.b That is told from all sides and corners of the society. Your teachers will tell it, your priests will tell it, your parents will tell it, your friends will tell it.

"But my effort here, is exactly that you should go inside. And there is no need to be afraid. You will meet no one else but yourself. And the sooner you do it the better, because nobody knows about tomorrow. At least know yourself in authenticity.

"Live, even if few years are left, in your truth, whatever the consequences. At least you will be a blissful person. You may not be respected, may be condemned, but who cares about condemnation? That is their opinion, and they are free to have their opinion.

"You should care only about one thing, that you are happy, that you are blissful, that you are silent, that you are at ease with existence. Donbt bother about anybody, any religion, any society, any culture, any education. They are all strategies to create personalities out of individuals.

"My work is to undo their work, and bring out the individual in its pure beauty. Your authentic being is related to the eternity of life, your false being is not related to anything. It is just a cover that the society has put over you.

"The fear arises, because one is afraid to be alone. But my experience is, the only bliss in life is to be alone, not taking any notice whatever the world says. They are free to say it, you need not be disturbed. You enjoy your life according to your own insight, you live your life according to your own intuition.

"And you will be able to die. A life of fulfillment always ends in a death of tremendous revolution. Death is no more there, you enter into eternity; death becomes a door, not an end. But it is a door only for the real; for the unreal it is an end.

"Before you go on the marathon race to find yourself, just for the journey, to remember that it is a joyful and playful experience, it is not a serious thing...." Osho
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