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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: One Seed Can Make the Whole Earth Green (mp3)


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One Seed Can Make the Whole Earth Green

In Osho′s understanding Zen is the approach to religion that has not put fetters on mankind. These four talks pay homage to Zen′s reverence for life and its celebration of the everyday. He sees in Zen a seed, pregnant with infinite potential. Interspersed with his comments on anecdotes about the Zen masters Rinzai and Fuketsu, Osho addresses current issues. With characteristic forthrightness he shows how society diverges from what it preaches and how it lives. This beautifully designed volume of talks also features commentaries on haikus, and a great selection of jokes!
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Excerpt from: One Seed Can Make the Whole Earth Green, Chapter 1
"There are, according to Gautam Buddha, and according to all the mystics of the East – and particularly of India – three bodies. The one body you know is physical. Another body behind it is astral; it is made of pure light, hence it has no weight.

"When you die only your physical body dies. The astral body takes your innermost being to another womb, unless you have become enlightened. If you become enlightened, then except your innermost center everything dies, and the center is for the first time released from the prison of the three bodies. It simply melts like ice in the oceanic consciousness of the universe. That is the ultimate freedom. We have called it moksha, we have called it nirvana. All those words mean ultimate freedom from all bondage of body and action, of mind and thinking, of feeling and emotions.

"The third body is called the subtle body. It is completely made of something like air. You can see the second body if you have the eyes of meditation. You can see the body of light; light is perceptible. But air is not perceptible even to meditators. The third body is the subtle body.

"These are layers of protection.

"Behind these three bodies is hidden your real being, your great splendor, your ultimate ecstasy." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light... witness... pope... personality... continuum... space... sins... sansho... rinzai... barabbas...

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