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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: The True Sage (mp3)


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The True Sage

Osho speaks on classic Hasidic stories compiled by the Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber, a work Osho calls a tremendous service for seekers, adding that what D.T. Suzuki did for Zen, Buber has done for Hasidism.

These tales, small stories, have such a flavor. It is different from Zen, it is also different from Sufism. The Hasid loves, laughs, dances. His religion is not of celibacy, but of creation.

The book is full of lighthearted wisdom, as Osho adds a few of his own stories as well, saying that his jokes are not ordinary jokes.

I don′t tell them to you just to make you laugh. No, they are not mere jokes. They are pointers. You should not just laugh and forget them, you should make them part of your understanding.
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Excerpt from: The True Sage, Chapter 1
"Religion is not a goal; it is a revelation. Religion is not a desire; it is a reality. Just a little turning is needed and I say: "Just a little"– and everything becomes possible. Life becomes possible. Otherwise you will live empty and waiting.

"Don’t be the vagabonds of Samuel Beckett’s play, Waiting For Godot. As it is you have already waited long. Now be finished with it!

"Start living! Why wait? For whom are you waiting? Who is this Godot anyhow?

"This moment, the whole existence crosses you. This moment, all that is in this existence culminates in you. This moment you are a crescendo. Delight in it. If you can understand that you are the goal then it will be very simple to understand this small anecdote – very significant and penetrating.

"You are the goal. You are the way. You are the light. You are the whole. That is the meaning when we say: ‘You are holy.’

"If you have come to me, remember, let me be just an encouragement, an encouragement to lead you to yourself. Allow me and help me so that I can throw you back to your own innermost being. That is the meaning of a master. A master helps you to be yourself.

"I have no pattern to give you, no values, no morality. I have only freedom to give to you so that you can flower and you can become a lotus, And life eternal." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light... awareness... answer... look... religious... aloneness... energy... godot... adam... gurdjieff...