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Die O Yogi Die

Talks on the Great Tantra Master, Gorakh
Gorakh is one of the four people whom Osho calls "the foundation stones of Indian mysticism." This book is about the death of the ego, about practical steps to live a full and aware life without being run over by it.

Talks on the Great Tantra Master, Gorakh

"You will be astonished when you hear Gorakh’s words. A little finishing is needed; they are uncut. This sharpening of the edges is what I am doing here.You will be amazed as you come to know him a little. Gorakh has said the most essential. He has said the most valuable."

"One death we are already familiar with, that death in which the body dies – but our ego and mind go on living. This same ego finds a new womb. This same ego, troubled bynew desires, again starts off on the journey. Even before leaving behind one body, it is already eager for another. This death is not the real death."
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140 x 203
    # 1: Gorakh: The Foundation Stone
    # 2: The Unknown is Calling
    # 3: Live Naturally
    # 4: Understand Desire
    # 5: Living in the Heart
    # 6: The Juice of the Buddhas
    # 7: Wander Alone
    # 8: The Essence of Existence
    # 9: The Inner Revolution
    # 10: The Fire Test of Love
Excerpt from: Die O Yogi Die, Chapter 1
"As an ego you have not gained anything, you have only lost. Creating the ego you have not received anything, you have lost all. You have remained a drop, a very tiny drop. The more arrogant you are the smaller you go on becoming. Conceit strengthens the ego more and more.The more you melt, the bigger you become; the more you dissolve, the greater you become. If you dissolve completely, if you evaporate completely, the whole sky is yours. Fall into the ocean – you become the ocean. Evaporated, rising in the sky – you become the sky. Your being is one with existence.

"The drop equals the ocean, what a miracle! Whom to tell?

"But when you experience it for the first time you too will be dumbstruck, like a dumb man eating sweets – the experience will be there, the taste will be there, the nectar will be showering inside, but you will have no way to express it." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

music... god... crowd... power... sound... beauty... alone... gorakh... adinatha... shrona...

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