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Allow Silence to Grow

These are excerpts from rarely seen interviews between Osho and members of the international press. Oshos direct and insightful approach infused with his unique humor is not to be missed.
In this interview Osho responds to the following question:
You have described silence and aloneness as the greatest bliss possible in life. Yet, your friends, live in communes around you. How can they best experience the benefits of silence, aloneness and communal living?

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"I am using words just to create silent gaps. The words are not important so I can say anything contradictory, anything absurd, anything unrelated, because my purpose is just to create gaps. The words are secondary; the silences between those words are primary.”
"And it is not only here, but far away... anywhere in the world where people will be listening to the video or to the audio, they will come to the same silence."

Osho,The Invitation, #14


Allow Silence to Grow
Excerpted from: The Last Testament, Vol 4, #5

"If two persons are sitting silently, they may be sitting very close but they are as far away as they can be. In silence the distance is infinite, because there is no link that joins them. Even strangers cannot sit for few minutes silently. Immediately they start asking about the other, where he is going, what is his name. Now it is none of their business.

"While I was traveling, it was every day trouble, because I was always traveling in a air-conditioned coupe so only two persons were there, I and somebody else.

"And I was continuously talking, and I wanted at least in the train I am left alone. But the other person was boiling.

"So I will enter the compartment and I will just put my finger on my mouth and say to the person, 'Just wait.' And then I will tell him my name, my father's name, my father's father's name, how many brothers I have, what education, what profession, where I am coming from, where I am going to. I will say it without his asking.

"He will look at me aghast, afraid that, 'What is the matter? I have not asked, not even your name, and you are telling your father's name, father's father's name, great-grandfather's name, how many children your father has, how many brothers he has, how many sisters he has, who is married, who is not married. But I don't... Why you are telling all these things to me?'

"I said, 'I am just finishing the whole thing quickly. Otherwise, twenty-four hours we are going to be here in this compartment together. By and by you are going to ask all these things. If anything is left, you tell me, I want to finish it quickly because after that no more talking. Have you any questions?'

"And he will automatically say, 'I don't have any questions. In the first... I have not asked the first question either!'

"I said, 'Knowing man, I just answered in case. If it does not relate to you, forget about it. Forgive me. But here we finish.'.

"So in a commune particularly, where everybody is making all his effort to be open, to be receptive, it is good to be silent. It is beneficial to be silent. It is a blessing to the whole commune to be silent.

"That does not mean that you cannot speak. I am not saying that, 'Repress, don't speak.' I am saying, 'Allow silence to grow, slowly. And whenever there is need to speak something, speak. But let it come out of your silence. And then see the difference. Then it comes like an arrow which goes directly to the other person's very heart.'

"Silence makes one really a poet. Each word spoken out of silence is poetry, is music." Osho


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