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Osho Video - Individual Talk: When Eternity Penetrates Time (DVD)


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When Eternity Penetrates Time

The Western philosophy of existentialism – of Sartre, Jaspers, Heidegger, Kierkegaard and others – came to a conclusion that life as it is, existing on a horizontal line is hopeless. The search for meaning according to Osho opens the vertical dimension – where you start living an inner life which was not possible before. The penetration of the vertical, Osho describes as the beginning of enlightenment.
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"As you sit listening to me you can hear in two ways: either as if someone is talking or as if it is God's voice coming to you. In the latter case you will feel a change coming over you. Keep Him in mind always. Thus you will be rid of suffering and carry home the bounty of bliss. Thus after a full day's labors you will reach home carrying not sorrow but joy."

Osho, The True Name, Vol 1, #3

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When Eternity Penetrates Time
Excerpted from: Hari Om Tat Sat, #27

"Then suddenly you become aware that you are a crossroad. One line goes horizontal; in other words, mediocre, ordinary, meaningless and leading finally to death. The horizontal line is continuously moving towards the graveyard."

"That's the conclusion the contemporary, Western philosophy of existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre, Jaspers, Heidegger, Kierkegaard and others has come to, that life is meaningless. On the horizontal plane it is, because it is simply agony and pain and disease and sickness and oldness. And you are encaged in a small body while your consciousness is as vast as the whole universe.

"Once the vertical is discovered, one starts moving on the vertical line. That vertical line does not mean you have to renounce the world. But it certainly means that you are no more of the world, that the world becomes ephemeral, loses importance. It does not mean that you have to renounce the world and escape to the mountains and the monasteries. It simply means that you start wherever you are living an inner life which was not possible before.

"Before you were an extrovert; now, suddenly you become introvert. As far as the body is concerned, you can manage very easily, if the remembrance is there that you are not the body. But the body can be used in many ways to help you to move on the vertical line. The penetration of the vertical line, just a ray of light coming into your darkness of horizontal life, is the beginning of enlightenment.

"You will look the same, but you will not be the same. Those who have a clarity of seeing, to them you will not look the same either. And at least for yourself, you will never look the same. And you can never be the same. You will be in the world, but the world will not be in you.

"Ambitions, desires, jealousies will start evaporating. No effort will be needed to drop them, just your movement on the vertical line and they start disappearing because they cannot exist on the vertical line. They can exist only in the darkness of the horizontal, where everybody is in competition, everybody is full of lust, full of will to power, a great desire to dominate, to become somebody special.

"On the vertical line all these stupidities simply disappear. You become so light, so weightless, just like a lotus flower: it is in the water, but the water does not touch it. You remain in the world, but the world has no longer any impact on you. On the contrary, you start influencing the world not with conscious effort, but just by your sheer being, your presence, your grace, your beauty. As it grows inside it starts spreading around you.

"It will touch people who have an open heart and it will make people afraid who have lived with a closed heart all windows, all doors closed. They will not come in contact with such a person. And to convince themselves why they are not coming in contact with such a person, they will find a thousand and one excuses, a thousand and one lies. But the basic fact is that they are afraid to be exposed." Osho


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