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Not Knowing Is the Most Intimate

Talk #8 of the Series, Ah This!

"The first question
Is awareness a higher value than love?

"The highest peak is the culmination of all the values: truth, love, awareness, authenticity, totality. At the highest peak they are indivisible. They are separate only in the dark valleys of our unconsciousness They are separate only when they are polluted, mixed with other things. The moment they become pure they become one; the more pure, the closer they come to each other.

"For example, each value exists on many planes; each value is a ladder of many rungs. Love is lust – the lowest rung, which touches hell; and love is also prayer – the highest rung, which touches paradise. And between these two there are many planes easily discernible.

"In lust, love is only one percent; ninety-nine percent are other things: jealousies, ego trips, possessiveness, anger, sexuality."
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Osho continues:
"It is more physical, more chemical; it has nothing deeper than that. It is very superficial, not even skin-deep.

"As you go higher, things become deeper; they start having new dimensions. That which was only physiological starts having a psychological dimension to it. That which was nothing but biology starts becoming psychology. We share biology with all the animals; we don't share psychology with all the animals.

"When love goes still higher – or deeper, which is the same – then it starts having something of the spiritual in it. It becomes metaphysical. Only Buddhas, Krishnas, Christs, they know that quality of love.

"Love is spread all the way and so are other values. When love is one hundred percent pure you cannot make any distinction between love and awareness; then they are no more two. You cannot make any distinction between love and God even; they are no more two. Hence Jesus' statement that God is love. He makes them synonymous. There is great insight in it.

"On the periphery everything appears separate from everything else; on the periphery existence is many. As you come closer to the center, the manyness starts melting, dissolving, and oneness starts arising. At the center, everything is one.

"Hence your question is right only if you don't understand the highest quality of love and awareness. It is absolutely irrelevant if you have any glimpse of the Everest, of the highest peak.

"You ask: 'Is awareness a higher value than love?' There is nothing higher and nothing lower. In fact, there are not two values at all. These are the two paths from the valley leading to the peak. One path is of awareness, meditation: the path of Zen we have been talking about these days. And the other is the path of love, the path of the devotees, the bhaktas, the Sufis. These two paths are separate when you start the journey; you have to choose. Whichever you choose is going to lead to the same peak. And as you come closer to the peak you will be surprised: the travelers on the other path are coming closer to you. Slowly slowly, the paths start merging into each other."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

spiritual… possibilities… poisoned… paths… misunderstood… knowing… energies… ouspensky… vedas… gurdjieff

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