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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Grass Grows By Itself, # 6, (mp3) - ego, life, efforts


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Talk #6 of the Series, The Grass Grows By Itself

"Man is the only animal who can think of, try to, or actually commit suicide. Suicide is very special. It is human.

"Animals live, they die, but they cannot commit suicide. They live, but there are not any problems, life doesn't create any angst, anguish. Life is not an anxiety for them – they simply live it; and then, as simply as they live, they simply die. Animals don't have any death consciousness. In fact, they are neither aware of life, nor of death, so the question of suicide doesn't arise. They are not conscious at all; they live in the deepest sleep of the unconscious.

"Only man can commit suicide. That means that only man can do something about life or death; it means that only man can stand against life."
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Osho continues:
"This possibility is there because man is conscious. But remember, the problems of life, the anxiety, the tension, the anguish, or the final decision to commit suicide, do not come out of consciousness – they come out of a fragmentary consciousness.

"This has to be understood deeply. A Buddha is also conscious, but he cannot commit suicide, cannot even think about it. Suicide doesn't exist for a Buddha, but he is also conscious. Why? Animals are unconscious totally; Buddha is conscious totally. With total consciousness there is no problem, or, with total unconsciousness there is no problem. In fact, to be total in any way is to be beyond problems.

"A man is fragmentarily conscious: a part of him has become conscious. That creates the whole problem. The remaining, the greater part, remains unconscious. Man has become two. One part is conscious, the remaining whole is unconscious. A discontinuity has happened in man. He is not one whole. He is not one piece. He is double. The duality has come in. He is just like an iceberg, floating in the ocean: one-tenth is out of the water, nine-tenths is hidden underneath. The same is the proportion of human consciousness and unconsciousness: one-tenth of consciousness has become conscious, nine-tenths of consciousness is still in the unconscious. Just the top layer is conscious, and the whole being remains underneath in deep darkness.

"Of course there are going to be problems, because a conflict has arisen in the being. You have become two; and the conscious part is so small that it is almost impotent. It can talk, it is very articulate; it can think but when the moment comes to do something, it is the unconscious which is needed because the unconscious has the energy to do it. You can decide that you will not be angry again, but this decision comes from the impotent part of the mind, that part which is conscious; which can see that anger is futile, harmful, poisonous; which can see the whole situation, and decide. But the decision has no power behind it, because all power belongs to the whole which is still unconscious. The conscious part decides, 'I will not be angry again,' and it is not – until the situation arises."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

ego… life… efforts… conscious… situation… awareness… hell… layers… homeopathic… impotence

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