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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Grass Grows By Itself, # 4, (mp3) - ego, prayer, confucius


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The Cataract at Luliang

Talk #4 of the Series, The Grass Grows By Itself

"You have a thousand and one problems, and you try to solve them. But not even a single problem is solved. It cannot be solved, because in the first place there are not a thousand and one problems, there is only one; and if you see a thousand and one problems, you will not be able to see the one that really is. You go on seeing things which are not, and, because of that, you miss seeing that which is.

"So the first thing to be understood is the basic, the only problem. It is perennial, it doesn't belong in particular to you, or to me or to somebody else. It belongs to man as such. It is born with you and, unfortunately, as is the situation with millions of people, the problem will die with you."
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Osho continues:
"If the problem can die before you die you have become enlightened. And the whole effort of religion is to help you to dissolve the problem before it has killed you completely.

"There is a possibility of a man without any problems, and that is the religious man. He has no problems, because he has solved the basic problem. He has cut the root.

"That's why Tilopa says: Cut the root of the mind. Don't go on cutting the leaves and the branches. There are millions, and, by cutting them, you will not be able to cut the root, and the tree will go on growing. It will become even denser and thicker and bigger if you go on pruning the leaves. Simply forget about the leaves. They are not the problems. The problem is somewhere in the root. Cut the root, and the tree by and by disappears, withers away.

"So where is the root problem of the mind? It is neither yours, nor anybody else's; it belongs to man as such. It comes into existence the moment you are born, but it can dissolve before you die. A child is born

"Follow me step by step, if you can understand the problem rightly, it is solved immediately, because the problem carries its own solution within it. The problem is like a seed and the solution is like a flower that is hidden in the seed. If you can understand the seed correctly, totally, the solution is already there. To solve a problem is in fact not to solve it, but to understand it. The solution is not external to it, it is intrinsic. It is hidden in it. So don't look for solutions, just look deeper into the problem. Find the root. In fact, there is no need even to cut. Once you have understood it, the very beginning becomes the cutting of the root. So, follow me step by step to see how the problem is born. And don't be concerned with the solution – that's how philosophy arises in the world. There is a problem, the mind starts to find some solution. Philosophy arises. There is a problem, the mind tries to understand it, religion is born."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

ego… prayer… resist… existence… anxiety… goal… immature… confucius… gurdjieff… napoleon

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