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Not a Dead One

Talk #7 of the Series, The Grass Grows By Itself

"Man is ignorant of the real. And it is difficult to know the real because, to know the real, first you have to be the real. Only the same can know the same.

"Man is false. As man exists, he is a deep hypocrite. He is not real himself. His original face is completely lost. He has many faces, he uses many faces, but he himself is not aware of the original face: his own.

"Man is an imitator. He goes on imitating others, and, by and by, he completely forgets that he has his own unique being.

"The real can be known only when you are real. It is a tremendous effort; arduous is the path. So man tries a trick. He starts thinking about the real – philosophizing, theorizing, creating mental systems about the real."
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Osho continues:
"That is all that philosophy is: a trick of the mind to deceive oneself about one's ignorance, about one's not knowing the real. That's why philosophies abound and the whole world lives in concepts and theories. Hindus, Mohammedans, Christians, Jainas, Buddhists – there are millions of concepts.

"And they are cheap, you need not change yourself; you need only an ordinary intelligent mind, a mediocre mind. No higher IQ is needed, so there is not any difficulty. You can adopt concepts and you can hide your ignorance from yourself. Philosophy is just a hiding method: one starts feeling that one knows, without knowing at all; one starts feeling that one has arrived, without even having taken the first step.

"Philosophy is the greatest disease, and once you are caught in it it is very difficult to come out of it because it is so deeply fulfilling to the ego. One feels hurt when one comes to know one's ignorance. And ignorance is total and absolute; you don't know anything at all. You are simply in dark ignorance, and this hurts. One would like to know something, at least something, and philosophy gives you a consolation: there are theories, and if you have an ordinary intelligence, that will do – you can learn the theories, you can have your own system, a philosophy, and then you are at ease. Then not only do you know, but you can tech others, you can advise others, you can go on showing your knowledge to others – and everything is settled, ignorance is forgotten.

"Philosophy means a logical construction about reality: it is about and about and about, it is never the real. Round and round it goes, just beating around the bush, but it never hits the center of the real. It cannot do that, that is not possible for philosophy. why is it not possible? Because philosophy is based on logic, and reality is beyond logic.

"You have to understand it a little more.

"Logic is a search for consistency, and reality is not consistent. Or, it is so deeply consistent that even the opposite is not inconsistent with it. Reality is paradoxical: all the opposites meet and mingle and merge into it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

moment… reality… philosophy… imagination… answers… blind… looking… future… clear… plane

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