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No Question, No Answer

Talk #3 of the Series, Be Still and Know

All questions seem to be pointless. Only the answerless question of life remains.

"It is so. All questions not only seem to be pointless, they are. In your mind there is still a lurking doubt. Hence you say: 'All questions seem to be pointless.'

"It is not a question that they seem, that they appear – they are. The moment you understand that they are pointless, even the answerless question of life will not remain. Then there is mystery – no questions, no answers. Then there is tremendous mystery. One is not trying to solve it because it is not a problem. One is not seeking for any answer because it is not a question. One starts living it. And the day you start living life as a mystery you have entered into godliness."
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Osho continues:
"Life understood as a question creates science; life understood as a mystery creates religion.

"And you say: 'Only the answerless question of life remains.' If it is answerless, how can it be a question? A question is always a question in reference to an answer; an answer is only an answer in reference to a question. They are together, halves of one whole. If one really disappears, the other disappears automatically.

"That's why I say there is a lurking doubt in you: 'Maybe there is some question which is not pointless. Maybe I have still to find it. Maybe my questions are pointless, maybe the questions that I know are pointless, but who knows? – there may be a valid question, a real question.' There is none.

"When this becomes a trust in you and no lurking doubt remains – because it is doubt that creates the question, it is doubt that becomes a question. When there is no doubt left, when you know that nothing can be known, that knowledge is impossible; when you come to the same understanding as happened to Socrates: 'I know only one thing, that I know nothing' – if that innocence happens to you, then nothing is left, not even an answerless question. The very word question becomes irrelevant.

"A silence is left, a deep silence and a great joy, a benediction is left. Life flows through you, passes through you, not creating any question. You simply live it.

"This is simplicity – not the cultivated simplicity of a sadhu or a monk. This is the simplicity of innocence, uncultivated. One has great wonder about everything, one lives in awe. One can worship a tree, one can worship a rock, because the moment questions are gone and your heart is full of the mysterious and the miraculous, your whole life becomes a prayer, a worship.

"It is so tremendously unbelievable that we are alive – for no reason at all – that we are breathing, that we can see, that we can taste, that we can hear, that we can love, that our hearts are beating, that life is passing through us, that life has chosen us as its vehicles."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

personality… wisdom… answer… doubt… persona… sophistry… infinite… abraham… adam… gurdjieff

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