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A Gap of Millions of Miles

Talk #3 of the Series, The Beloved, Vol. 1

"This is one of the most significant assertions ever made. It is so: the reality remains in its suchness. Nothing changes, nothing can change. But we see many changes happening all around. For us, everything is changing. Life is a flux.

"Then something is wrong with us. Then the change appears not because it is there, but because we cannot see the eternal. Our inability to see the real, the eternal, creates a flux-like phenomenon all around us. It is our flickering consciousness.

"Have you watched sometimes in a dark room? A small candle burns, and it goes on flickering. Because of its flickering the whole room seems to be moving, waving, changing. If the flame is constant, the room stops changing – it becomes constant.

"Our consciousness creates the mirage, the illusion, the dream-like world that surrounds us."
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Osho continues:
"This has to be understood very deeply because this is the very base of all essential religions.

"It is true as far as ordinary understanding goes: everything seems to be changing, nothing seems to be permanent. Nothing seems to be the same even for two moments, two consecutive moments. Nothing seems to be the same, everything goes on like a river. To think of anything permanent is almost impossible. To think of anything that has remained the same for ever and ever is incomprehensible to the mind. The mind knows only the world of change. The mind knows only the dream, the illusion. A life lived through the mind is a life of dreams. That is the meaning of the concept of maya. It does not say anything about the reality. Remember: it does not say that the reality is not real, it does not say that existence is a dream. It simply says that the way you look at it is so unconscious, the way you look at it is so wavering, unstable, that your inner wavering gives you a world of flux, dreams. Attain to inner integrity, attain to inner crystallization and suddenly all flux-like phenomena disappear, and suddenly you are face to face with the real, the substantial, the permanent – call it God. The world and God are not two things but the same reality looked at in two ways. One is through the mind, the other is through no-mind – because if mind is there, there is going to remain, more or less, the flickering.

"The mind cannot be constant. Have you watched? Even for a few seconds the mind cannot be constant. Just look at your watch someday; just remember that you are looking at the watch, and you will not be able to retain this remembrance, that you are looking at the watch, even for a few seconds. Your mind will slip somewhere else: some memory, some imagination, some work that is incomplete, some worry, some plan; you must go somewhere. Again you will realize and you will see that for a few seconds you have not been here.

"Try again, again the mind will go away. Mind cannot be stable, so all efforts to make mind stable are impossible."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

reality… consciousness… lose… dreaming… periphery… dynamic… beloved… shadows… wavering… thoreau

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