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My Skin and Bone Are Turned to Gold

Talk #5 of the Series, The Beloved, Vol. 1

"The whole Baul search is the search for the novel man, the new man. Who is this new man?

"You can live your life in two ways. Either you can become a man of being or you can become a man of having. Either you can have yourself or you can have many worldly things instead. Either you can possess many things and be possessed by them, or you can possess yourself and be not possessed by anything.

"The man of having has a totally different direction. That's what Bauls call 'the worldly man.' He thinks in terms of money, in terms of commodities, in terms of bank balances; he thinks in terms of things. And he thinks that the more he has, the more he is. That is one of the most fundamental fallacies."
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Osho continues:
"You can have the whole world and you can remain a beggar. You can have all that the world can give and yet remain empty.

"The great Alexander died. He is the very symbol of the worldly man. He wanted to conquer the whole world and he had done it, almost. But before he died, he told his generals, 'Then let both my hands hang out of the coffin.'

"They said, 'We have never heardit is not traditionally done. And why do you want to do such an absurd thing?'

"Alexander said, 'It is not absurd. It has a certain relevance with my life. I want people to see that I am going with empty hands. So let both my hands hang out of the coffin, so everybody can see that even Alexander is going with empty hands. I came with empty hands, I am going with empty hands, and the whole life has been a wastage.'

"He must have been very perceptive, because many more die still clinging, still not aware that their hands are empty, still not aware that their hearts are empty, still not aware that they have wasted their whole lives, that it has been just a nightmare.

"The man of having continues to accumulate more and more. What he accumulates is not the point; his emphasis is on accumulation. His soul exists in his accumulations.

"What he accumulates is not important. He may accumulate money, he may accumulate knowledge, he may accumulate ego or he may accumulate humility. He may accumulate things of this world, or he may start accumulating virtues, things of the other world, but he accumulates. He exists through things.

"He feels good when he has much, when he feels his hands are full, at least apparently full. He feels good, he feels he is achieving, he is being successful. This is 'the old man' – in the terminology of the Bauls, this is the old man. It has always existed. This is the rotten man, this is the diseased man.

"It is a sort of illness, this very idea of having too many things, wasting your time and energy and not knowing at all who you are."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

renounced… loving… life… destination… delight… unattached… planning… kali… alexander… nixon

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