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Close Your Eyes and Try to Catch Him

Talk #3 of the Series, The Beloved, Vol. 2

"Jean-Paul Sartre says that man is a useless passion – meaningless, futile. He is right if there is nothing beyond man; if there is nothing transcendental to man, he is right because the meaning always comes from a higher source. The meaning is never in the thing in itself, it always comes from the beyond.

"For example, you can watch a seed; in itself it is meaningless unless it sprouts. Once it sprouts it becomes meaningful. The tree is the meaning for the seed. Now the seed exists for a certain reason. Its existence is not accidental, it is meaningful. It has to give birth, it has to create something; something that is beyond it, something that is bigger than it, something that is more comprehensive.

"But then, what is the meaning of the tree in itself? Again meaning disappears unless the tree can flower."
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Osho continues:
"The meaning of the tree is in the flowering. When it flowers, yes, there is meaning: the tree has become a mother, the tree has given birth, the tree has become significant. It was not there without any purpose; the flower is the proof. It was there meaningfully, it was there waiting for the flower.

"But what is the meaning of the flower in itself unless the fragrance is released to the winds? Once the fragrance is released the flower is meaningful, and so on and so forth. The meaning is always in a higher state. The meaning is always of the beyond. The meaning is transcendental.

"If there is nothing beyond man, then Sartre is absolutely right: then man is a useless passion running here and there, but doomed to failure. He cannot reach, cannot arrive, because there is nowhere to arrive. He cannot become, because there is no beyond to become. He cannot spread, cannot flower, cannot release the fragrance. If man ends with himself, then man is certainly useless. But man doesn't end with himself; he is a growth. Man is a becoming, a growing, a continuous transcendence.

"Friedrich Nietzsche has said, 'That day will be the most unfortunate day when man does not aspire to become higher, when man does not aspire to transcend himself. That day will be the most unfortunate when the arrow of man's desire will not be moving higher than man, when there will be no target to reach, when man will be confined, closed in himself. That day will be the most unfortunate day.' It seems that the modern man is coming closer and closer to that unfortunate day. That doomsday is coming closer and closer every moment, and Sartre is going to be true if you allow him to be true.

"If you allow him, and you remain a seed and don't sprout; if you allow him, and you remain a tree and don't flower; if you allow him, and you remain a flower and don't release your fragrance – then, of course, life is hell, just absurd, not worth living. Then to be born is to be born in misery. Then death is a blessing and life is a curse."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

god… seed… beauty… sex… search… remembrance… allow… disappears… isador… sartre

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