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Beyond Enlightenment Is Only Beyondness

Talk #1 of the Series, Beyond Enlightenment

"Beyond enlightenment is only beyondness. Enlightenment is the last host. Beyond it, all boundaries disappear, all experiences disappear. Experience comes to its utmost in enlightenment; it is the very peak of all that is beautiful, of all that is immortal, of all that is blissful – but it is an experience. Beyond enlightenment there is no experience at all, because the experiencer has disappeared. Enlightenment is not only the peak of experience; it is also the finest definition of your being. Beyond it there is only nothingness; you will not come again to a point which has to be transcended.

"Experience, the experiencer, enlightenment – all have been left behind. You are part of the tremendous nothingness that is infinite. This is the nothingness out of which the whole existence comes, the womb; and this is the nothingness in which all existence disappears."
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Osho continues:
"Science has something parallel – there is bound to be something parallel. The spiritual experience is of the interior world, and science is the exploration of the exterior. But both are wings of the same existence: the inwardness and the outwardness. They always have similar points.

"Scientists have come to a strange conclusion in this century: that a few stars suddenly disappear – and stars are not small things; they are not so small as they look to you. They look small because they are so far away, millions of light years away, but they are huge. Our sun is a star, but of a mediocre size, medium size. In comparison to the earth it is vast, but in comparison to other stars it is a small, medium-sized star. There are stars which are a thousand times bigger than the sun.

"And in this century, for the first time we have had the instruments of observation and we have been very much puzzled: suddenly a star disappears, not even leaving behind a trace of where it has gone. Such a huge phenomenon, and not even footprints – in what direction has it gone? It has just moved simply into nothingness. This was happening continually.

"It took almost twenty years to figure out this new phenomenon: that in existence there are black holes. You cannot see them, but they have tremendous gravitation. Even the biggest star, if it comes within their radius of magnetism, will be pulled in. And once it is pulled into a black hole, it disappears. It is the ultimate death. We can only see the effect; we cannot see the black hole, we only see that one star is disappearing.

"After the black hole was almost an established theory, scientists started thinking that there must be something like a white hole – there has to be. If it is possible that in a certain gravitation, magnetic force, a big star simply disappears out of existence We have been aware that every day many stars are born. From where are they coming? – nobody has asked it before.

"In fact, birth we always take for granted; nobody asks from where the babies are coming."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

awareness… individuality… rejoicing… beautiful… aware… experiencer… dimensions… fulfillment… birbal… heine

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