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You Are What You Are Seeking

Talk #25 of the Series, Beyond Enlightenment

"The story is one of the most ancient stories of the heart, of the world beyond words – of knowing, not of knowledge, of utter innocence as the door to the divine. The story contains the very essence of meditativeness. It has many dimensions, many implications, and it is no wonder that it fills you with tears of joy. Those tears are indicative that the story has touched your heart, your very being, that you have tasted it although you don't understand what it is. You have felt its beauty, its glory, its depth, but you find it hard to explain to yourself what it is that you have found.

"You have found a world of magic, mystery and miracles.

"I would love to tell you the whole story. It needs to be told thousands and thousands of times because each time you will find some new fragrance, some new sweetness, some new height, some new door opening, some new sky with new stars."
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Osho continues:
"And there are skies beyond skies.

"I used to live in a placeI lived there for twenty years, in Jabalpur. Its ancient name was Jabalipur; it was named after a great mystic and seer of the Upanishads, Satyakam Jabal. And this story is concerned with Satyakam Jabal.

"Satyakam was a very inquiring child. He did not believe in anything unless he had experienced it. When he became a young man – he must have been nearabout the age of twelve – he said to his mother, 'Now it is time. The prince of the kingdom has gone to the forest to join the family of a seer. He is my age. I also want to go, I also want to learn what this life is all about.'

"The mother said, 'It is very difficult, Satyakam, but I know that you are a born seeker. I was afraid that one day you would ask me to send you to a master. I am a poor woman, but that is not a great difficulty. The difficulty is that when I was young I served in many houses – I was poor, but I was beautiful. I don't know who your father is. And if I send you to a master, you are going to be asked what the name of your father is. And I am afraid they may reject you.

"But there is no harm in making an effort. You go and tell the truth in the same way I have told the truth to you. Many men have used my body because I was poor. Just say that you don't know who your father is. Tell the master that your name is Satyakam, your mother's name is Jabala; so they can call you Satyakam Jabal. And as far as the search for truth is concerned, who your father is does not matter.'

"Satyakam went to an ancient seer in the forest, and sure enough the first question was, 'What is your name? Who is your father?'

"And he repeated exactly what his mother had said.

"There were many disciples – princes, rich people's sons. They all started laughing.

"But the old master said, 'I will accept you."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence… seer… peaks… equality… uddalak… michelangelo… mahavira… ravana… ramakrishna

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