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The Watermelon and the Knife

Talk #21 of the Series, Beyond Enlightenment

"The question has many questions in it. First, real gratitude can never find words to express itself. The gratitude that can find words to express itself is just a formality, because anything heartfelt immediately goes beyond words, concepts, language. You can live it, it can shine from your eyes; it can come as a fragrance from your whole being. It can be the music of your silence, but you cannot say it. The moment you say it, something essential immediately dies. Words can only carry corpses, not living experiences. So it is understandable that you find it difficult to express your thankfulness. It is not your difficulty; it is the difficulty of the experience of thankfulness itself. And blessed are those who have such experiences, which are beyond words. Cursed are those who know nothing except words and language."
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Osho continues:
"Secondly, you are saying that soon you will be going away from me and I will be only in your heart. If I am in your heart, there is no way to go away from me. You can go away from my physical presence, but my physical presence is no longer significant if you are already feeling my presence in your heart. You have become aware of my spiritual presence. The physical presence is only a triggering point – if it can lead you to the spiritual presence, its work is done. Now I will be beating in your heart wherever you are, it does not matter whether you are here or on a faraway planet.

"Love is the only phenomenon which destroys space, distance, time.

"The chemistry of love has not been understood yet. Physicists are concerned about space and time, and they have not yet come to understand the point that there is something more in existence, where time and space both disappear. Love is a phenomenon which knows no time, space, distance. Perhaps science will never be able to understand it. Perhaps it is beyond the scope of science. But it is not beyond the scope of poetry, of religion. It is not beyond the scope of meditation. It is not beyond the scope of every individual who is ready to dissolve himself into love. Science then remains a faraway echo, and love becomes the only reality.

"People like Shankara, Bosanquet, Bradley, were not talking nonsense when they said that the world is an illusion. The world consists of time and space – but these people tried to argue that the world is an illusion. They made a philosophical system propounding the illusoriness of the world. Their very effort confutes them – if the world is illusory, then what is the need to prove that it is illusory? If something is not, it is not. But if Shankara had to go out of this room, he would go through the door, not through the wall. The wall is real. If Bradley had to take his lunch, he would not eat stones. Because what difference can there be, when bread is illusory, and stones are also illusory? Both are illusions."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence… space… laughter… insanity… disappearing… ecstasies… mahavira… delgado… eve… tagore

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