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Indifference to the Mind Is Meditation

Talk #8 of the Series, Beyond Enlightenment

"The disciple who can wait will find all his questions answered at the right moment. But waiting is a great quality; it is deep patience, it is great trust. The mind cannot wait, it is always in a hurry. It knows nothing about patience; hence it goes on piling questions upon questions without getting the answer.

"It is something very delicate to understand: that it is not the answer that is significant but the right timing, your readiness to receive it; otherwise it will just go above your head. The impatient mind is too occupied in questioning. It forgets that questioning in itself is a meaningless activity – the real thing is the answer, but for the answer you need a certain silence, peace, openness, receptivity. The mind is incapable of these qualities; hence, for thousands of years the mind has been asking and asking but it finds no answer."
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Osho continues:
"In the world of the mind there are only questions. And in the world of the heart there is only the answer, because the heart knows how not to ask, how to wait – let the spring come by itself; wait like a thirsty earth, the rainclouds will come, they have always been coming. There is no need to distrust, because there is not even a single exception where trust has failed, where waiting is not fulfilled, where patience is not immensely rewarded.

"The functioning of the heart and the mind are totally different, not only different but diametrically opposite. The mind creates philosophies, theologies, ideologies – they are all questions that don't have any answer. The heart simply waits. At the right moment, the answer blossoms by itself.

"The heart has no question, yet it receives the answer. The mind has a thousand and one questions, yet it never receives any answer because it does not know how to receive.

"Your mind is full of questions; yet you have been observing that, by and by, they are being answered. This should create in you a new insight, a new trust. A new dimension is opening: that you have just to wait, alert and awake, and if it is needed the answer will come to you.

"You are also seeing that most of the questions that the mind is filled with are silly. They are – not most of them, all of them are – silly for the simple reason that mind does not go through the discipline of asking receptively. It is more concerned with questions. Even while the answer is being given, it has moved on to another question. Perhaps, listening to the answer, it has created ten more questions out of the answer itself.

"Questions arise out of the mind just like leaves grow on trees. And slowly, slowly, they become more and more silly, because it is very difficult to find many significant questions, and the mind is not satisfied with a small quantity of questions. It is greedy. It wants to ask everything; it wants to know everything without being ready to understand anything.

"There are few significant questions – and there is only one really fundamental question – but that small quantity does not satisfy the greed of the mind."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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