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A Lot and Nothing

Talk #6 of the Series, Beyond Psychology

"A lot – and nothing. A lot on the periphery, and nothing to my being – nothing to me.

"The first thing I became alert to was that man has not been evolving, that perhaps the concept of evolution is wrong, because for thousands of years he has been behaving in the same pattern.

"That beautiful morning on the island of Crete, the people and their mistreatment of me and my friends who were with me, reminded me of Socrates. These were the same people, and strangely the crime alleged against Socrates was the same: corrupting the young minds, destroying their morality. Their allegation against me was exactly the same.

"It seems twenty-five centuries have simply passed by and man is stuck, not evolving. Their behavior was brutal, inhuman. They could have told me to leave the country – it is their country – there was no need for brutality, smashing the windows and the doors of the house with rocks."
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Osho continues:
"To me, coming from the top floor, it sounded as if bombs were being exploded. They had dynamite with them, and they were threatening that they would dynamite the whole house. It seems as if to send me out of the country was just an excuse to give expression to this brutality; otherwise it was a simple matter to tell me that I am not welcome.

"The man who had given me the tourist visa for four weeks was the chief of police; and the man who canceled it after fifteen days was the deputy chief of police. That seems to be absolutely improper – that the chief should give the permission and the deputy should cancel it.

"At the airport in Athens there were at least forty police officers, just for a single man without any weapons, and that deputy chief was also present. There was a huge crowd of press people from newspapers, radio, television – and dozens of cameras – they all wanted an interview with me. And I said, 'There is not much to say, other than it seems man is not going to be civilized, ever.'

"The press people were in front of me, those forty police dogs – all big officers – were surrounding me, and the deputy chief was standing by my side. When I said, 'With this kind of police, this kind of government, you are destroying the very future of humanity, particularly of your own country. These people were responsible for killing Socrates.'

"When I said this, pointing towards the deputy chief, he wanted to interfere.

"For the first time in thirty-five years, I pretended to be angry. I could not succeed because inside I was giggling! But I told that man, 'Shut up! And stand by the side where you belong. And don't come close to me.' I shouted, 'Shut up!' so loudly, that he really became silent and went back and stood in the crowd. Later on I saw the reports: they thought I was ferocious, very angry – I was nothing! But that is the only language those people will understand. And when you are talking to somebody, you have to use the language he understands."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

allow… communication… clean… misunderstood… alive… mahavira… gurdjieff… socrates… indra

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