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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Beyond Psychology #38, (mp3) - criminals, lust, barabbas


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A World beyond Time

Talk #38 of the Series, Beyond Psychology

"It is so. People are so unconscious that they can do anything to keep their power, their respectability – even if it means blowing up the whole world. They can risk anything to save their ego. And these are the people who naturally reach to the positions of power, because they are the only seekers of power.

"No creative, intelligent person seeks power. No intelligent person is interested in dominating others. His first interest is to know himself. So the people with the highest quality of intelligence go towards mysticism, and the most mediocre go after power. That power can be worldly, political; it can be of money, it can be of holding spiritual domination over millions of people, but the basic urge is to dominate more and more people."
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Osho continues:
"This urge arises because you don't know yourself, and you don't want to know that you don't know yourself. You are so afraid of becoming aware of the ignorance that prevails in the very center of your being. You escape from this darkness through these methods: lust for money, lust for power, lust for respectability, honor. And a man who has darkness within himself can do anything destructive.

"Creativity is impossible from such a person, because creativity comes from your being conscious, a little alertlight, love. Creativity is not at all interested in dominating anyone – for what? The other is the other; neither you want to dominate anyone, nor you want to be dominated by anyone. Freedom is the very taste of being just a little alert.

"But these people are completely asleep. In their sleep they are making atomic bombs, nuclear weapons, not knowing what they are doing. Only one thing keeps them moving, and that is more power, more power. And whoever comes in their way has to be destroyed. They don't know anything else. They are barbarians who have not evolved into human beings. Yes, they can destroy the whole world; they are already prepared to do so. They are all against me because I am exposing them.

"I am surprised: in this big world nobody else is there to join hands with me, because people are afraid of the powerful ones – they can destroy them. One is fearless only when he knows that he is indestructible; you can kill him, but you cannot destroy his being. But such people have slowly disappeared from the earth. We have not nourished them. We kill them and then worship them.

"This also has to be understood, why all the people that we have killed – for example, Jesus, Socrates, al-Hillaj Mansoor, Sarmad – are immensely respectable after they have been killed. When they were alive they were condemned by everybody, not only by those who were in power but even by those who were not in power. Those who were not in power condemned them to show to the powerful, 'We are with you.' And the powerful condemned them because these people were bringing a vision."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

criminals… lust… protection… pleasure… mystery… avoid… barabbas

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