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Live the Mystery of Existence

Talk #2 of the Series, Beyond Psychology

"Both are right, but they appear to be contradictory; hence the confusion. On the one hand I am saying that when you are one with existence you come to realization – and to be one with existence means you disappear, you are no more. And on the other hand I am telling you to be yourself, to be authentically your original face; only then can you experience realization.

"I can see your dilemma. You feel that they are both right – that is significant to remember, that you feel that they are both right – but your mind is not convinced, your thinking is not convinced. Your thinking creates questions: How can they both be right?

"Mind functions in an either/or way. Either this can be right or its opposite can be right."
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Osho continues:
"Both together cannot be right as far as mind, its logic, its rationality is concerned.

"If mind is either/or then the heart is both/and. The heart has no logic, but a sensitivity, a perceptivity. It can see that not only can they both be together, in fact they are not two – it is just one phenomenon seen from two different aspects. And there is much more than the two – that's why I say both/and.

"And the heart is always right, if there is a question of choosing between the mind and the heartbecause mind is a creation of the society. It has been educated. It has been given to you by the society, not by existence. The heart is unpolluted, it is pure existence. Hence it has a sensitivity.

"Look from the viewpoint of the heart, and the contradiction starts melting like ice. I say to you, 'Be one with the universe; you have to disappear and let the existence be. You just have to be absent so that the existence can be present in its totality.' But the person who has to disappear is not your reality, it is only your personality; it is just an idea in you. In reality you are already one with existence; you cannot exist in any other way. You are existence. But the personality creates a deception and makes you feel separate.

"You can assume yourself to be separate – existence gives you total freedom, even against itself. You can think of yourself as a separate entity, an ego. And that is the barrier that is holding you back from melting into the vastness that surrounds you every moment – it has no closed doors, all its doors are open. Sometimes you do feel a certain door open – but only for a fragment of a moment; your personality cannot afford more. Those moments you call moments of beauty, moments of ecstasy.

"Looking at a sunset, just for a second you forget your separateness. You are the sunset. That is the moment when you feel the beauty of it. But the moment you say that it is a beautiful sunset, you are no longer feeling it; you have come back to your separate, enclosed entity of the ego."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

existence… individual… enjoy… respectability… bodhi… mahavira… goshalak

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