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Each Moment Is Insecure

Talk #37 of the Series, Beyond Psychology

"The unconscious human mind is the cause of the whole trouble.

"There have been people around me who were doing all kinds of things – there were doctors, there were dentists, there were plumbers, there were carpenters – but none of them got such an ego as the people who were working as therapists.

"Therapy basically has nothing to do with spirituality. I was using it just to clean the rubbish that the mind has gathered down the ages. The work of the therapist with me was exactly that of cleaners, nothing superior to them in any way. But in the West therapy has connotations of spirituality because there is nothing in the name of spirituality. There is a vacuum, and therapists seem to fill it.

"It is only apparently so."
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Osho continues:
"They don't fill the gap, they cannot; they themselves have no spiritual experience. All that they know are certain techniques through which your mind can be cleaned. But even that cleaning of the mind makes you feel fresh only for a few days, because it does not change the base, the foundation of your being; it simply cleans the surface. You remain the same person. You will again collect the same garbage, so therapy will be needed again and again and again.

"The same is true about every other kind of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, analytical psychology – they are just different names. There is not a single person in the whole world that psychologists can claim as purified, that now there is no need for him to go through analysis, therapy or any kind of processing.

"Even the psychotherapists, psychoanalysts have to go through therapy, analysis, be under some psychotherapist once in a while, because they are also collecting garbage. In fact they are collecting more, because so many people are unloading themselves in their therapy sessions, and it is bound to affect the therapist. People will become a little lighter, but the therapist will become a little heavier – he will need therapy himself. This is a vicious circle.

"My effort was to bring the West closer to the East. The East has developed spiritual techniques, but when those techniques were developed, man was not so loaded with knowledge, degrees, and all kinds of meaningless garbage. Those techniques were developed for innocent people.

"Now the situation is different: if you give those techniques directly to the people, the people are so loaded that in their garbage your techniques will be lost.

"My understanding was, and still is, that therapy can be a good beginning, but it is not the end, it is not the answer. It can clean the mind only for a short period, but in that short period a spiritual technique can be introduced to you before the mind gets loaded again. If the spiritual technique is introduced to you, then that garbage is not going to disturb you; it cannot create confusion, and you do not need any therapy anymore. You are on the way, now this ordinary garbage cannot prevent you."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

moment… mature… spiritual… seeing… clarity… listening… spirituality… superconscious… unconsciously… escape

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