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Money Is a Strange Thing

Talk #29 of the Series, Beyond Psychology

"It is not only for George Gurdjieff or J. Krishnamurti, it is true for hundreds of masters down the ages, and there are reasons. They all died disenchanted, disappointed, disillusioned.

"Let us go deeper, first into George Gurdjieff's last statement. The last statement of anybody is the most significant statement of his whole life; in a certain way his whole life is condensed in his last statement.

"He was disenchanted because the disciples failed him, betrayed him, went against him, did everything to harm him – and these were the people for whom he had devoted his whole life, each single moment of it. But still in his place I would not be disenchanted. He thought that he was doing a very serious work. That's where the seed of his disenchantment is."
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Osho continues:
"I am not doing any serious work. I am not doing work at all; it is my joy to share it with you. Now what you do with it is your problem, not mine. You cannot disappoint me.

"You can betray me; there are people who have done that. You can do any kind of harm imaginable – and people have done that. You can go against me, you can tell lies about me; still I will not be disenchanted, because in the first place I have never expected anything from you.

"The disappointment comes from expectation. The disenchantment comes from a deep hope that these people are going to fulfill my work. I don't have any expectation, any hope – I am just so blissful that I cannot contain it; I want to share it unconditionally. It is the conditions which create disappointment.

"Gurdjieff had worked hard with great expectations. And even people like P.D. Ouspensky, who had learned everything from the master, denied him. Ouspensky himself became a master; he even stopped using Gurdjieff's full name. When he had to mention him at certain points, he would use only G. He would not allow his own disciples to go to Gurdjieff, even to see him, and Gurdjieff had worked on this man for years, for decades.

"And whatever Ouspensky said after separating himself from Gurdjieff – each single word, each single insight – was borrowed, it was not his own. Certainly he had a great talent; he was one of the best writers I have come across. Gurdjieff was not a writer. Ouspensky was a great logician, a world famous mathematician, a great writer. Gurdjieff was none of these things, he was purely a mystic.

"Gathering everything from the system of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky was in a position to write beautiful treatises, as if they were his own experience. Gurdjieff could not compete with him in writing, nor in speaking. Ouspensky was a very talented genius, well educated. Gurdjieff was uneducated, coming from a very undeveloped tribe in the Caucasus, in Soviet Russia. But he had the whole mine of diamonds – it is just that they were all uncut, unpolished. Only a man who had the eyes of a jeweler would have been able to recognize them; otherwise they were just stones."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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