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Watchfulness Is the Greatest Magic

Talk #44 of the Series, Beyond Psychology

"The phenomenon of dreaming and watchfulness are totally different things. Just try one thing: every night, going to sleep, while you are just half awake, half asleep, slowly going deeper into sleep, repeat to yourself, 'I will be able to remember that it is a dream.'

"Go on repeating it till you fall asleep. It will take a few days, but one day you will be surprised: once this idea sinks deep into the unconscious, you can watch the dream as a dream. Then it has no grip over you. Then slowly, as your watchfulness becomes more sharp, dreams will disappear. They are very shy; they don't want to be watched.

"They exist only in the darkness of the unconscious. As watchfulness brings light in, they start disappearing. So go on doing the same exercise, and you can get rid of dreams."
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Osho continues:
"And you will be surprised. Getting rid of dreams has many implications. If the dreams disappear then in the daytime your mind-chattering will not be as much as it used to be. Secondly, you will be more in the moment – not in the future, not in the past. Thirdly, your intensity and totality of action will increase.

"Dream is a disease.

"It is needed because man is sick. But if dreams can be completely dropped you will attain a new kind of health, a new vision, and part of your unconscious mind will become conscious. So you will have a stronger individuality. Whatever you do, you will never repent, because you will have done it with such consciousness that repentance has no relevance.

"Watchfulness is the greatest magic that one can learn, because it can begin the transformation of your whole being. It is only through watchfulness that resurrection happensyou are reborn.
Why is it difficult for some people to be hypnotized? Is it because we do not trust the person who is doing it to us, or are we not as receptive as those who can be?
"There are many reasons possible. The most important is, if the person's intelligence quotient is very low he will not be able to understand what hypnosis is, and what he is supposed to do. Idiots cannot be hypnotized. It is something to be remembered, that animals can be hypnotized, but idiots cannot be hypnotized. Animals may not have our kind of intelligence, but they have their kind of intelligence, they are not idiots.

"The idiot is one whose mind has not grown at all, who is zero. He cannot understand what is being said, where it is going to lead him, and why he should do it. Intelligent conversation is impossible. The idiot looks like man, but inside he is far behind even the animals.

"First, the idiot cannot be hypnotized. Second, the man who is always suspicious of everything, who has an ingrained suspicion, cannot be hypnotized. His suspicion will not allow him to go with the hypnotist. Thirdly, the people who think they are intellectuals, who are full of borrowed knowledge, but don't have any intelligence of their own, cannot be hypnotized, because they have an idea that intellectuals cannot be hypnotized – and they are intellectuals."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sound… dreams… hypnotize… hara… intellectuals… mystery… eternity… disturbance… silently… nehru

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