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Going Just with His Flute and a Bottle of Wine

Talk #28 of the Series, Beyond Psychology

"One of the most fundamental things to be understood is that the distances are only dream phenomenon, they do not exist in reality. One may be asleep very lightly, one may be asleep very deeply, one may be almost in a coma.

"There are distances. If you want to wake them up, then the first, who is in a very light sleep, half awake, half asleep, can be awakened soon; but every one of them can be awakened. It is only a question of the intensity of the effort needed to awaken from the outside, and the intensity needed to be awake from the inside.

"You all must have felt moments of nightmare when you want to wake up but you cannot move. And then, in a minute, you wake up."
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Osho continues:
"It looks so strange that just a moment before it looked impossible even to open your eyes or move your hands, and after just one minute you are fully awake.

"The distance between me and you is only a dream distance, so there is no need to feel any sadness, no need to feel that it is going to be a very arduous and long journey. It is a very simple and very natural phenomenon. If you can relax – and nothing can be easier than relaxation – things will start happening on their own.

"About the sutra of Gautam Buddhait is symbolic. Feeding somebody means nursing somebody, respecting somebody, loving somebody, doing something for somebody – out of compassion, kindness, or love, or respect. So food has not to be taken literally.

"The sutra says: It is better to feed one good man than to feed one hundred bad men. Who is the good man? The good man is one who spontaneously acts in the right way. Remember the word spontaneously. The good man is not one who makes efforts to act in a certain way that is accepted as good by the society in which he is bornit may not be good. There are hundreds of societies in the world, hundreds of civilizations have existed, and there is not a single thing that has not been praised as good by someone and condemned as bad by somebody else.

"Now, the Jainas will say to be naked is a good act – it shows that the man has renounced the world completely. But according to any other society, to be naked will be considered bad, even sick. According to Sigmund Freud, the naked man simply wants to show his naked body to others; it is a very perverted, precarious way of satisfying sexuality – it is perversion. He has given a certain name to this sickness: exhibitionism.

"So it is not a question to be decided by the outside morality. The decision has to be according to your spontaneity. Whatever you do out of your heart – and it is not a reaction but a response – that act is good.

"Buddha says: It is better to feed one good man – because it is very difficult even to find a good man, a man of spontaneity, a man whose actions arise out of his heart – than to feed one hundred bad men."
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