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Zen without Writing

Talk #8 of the Series, A Bird on the Wing

"All books are dead, and that is how it should be; they cannot be alive. All scriptures are graveyards, they cannot be anything else. The moment a word is uttered it goes wrong. Unuttered, it is okay; uttered, it is falsified by the very utterance. Truth cannot be said, cannot be written, cannot be indicated in any way. If it can be said, then you will attain to truth just by hearing it; if it can be written, you will attain to truth just by reading it; if it can be indicated, you will attain to truth by mere indication. This is not possible, there is no way to transfer truth to you; there exists no bridge. It cannot be given, it cannot be communicated.

"But people become addicted to scriptures, books, words, theories."
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Osho continues:
"For the mind it is easy to understand a theory, it is easy to read a book, it is easy to carry a tradition, because with anything dead mind is always the master; with anything alive mind becomes the slave.

"So mind is always afraid of life; it is the dead part in you. Just as I said that hairs and nails are dead parts of your body, the parts that have died already and that the body is throwing out, so mind is the dead part of your consciousness. It is the part that has already become dead, and the consciousness wants to get rid of it.

"What is the mind? It is the past, the memory, it is the accumulated experience. But the moment you have experienced the thing it is dead. Experiencing is in the present, experience is in the past.

"Why are you listening to me? Just in the moment, just here and now, it is an experiencing, it is an alive process. But the moment you say, 'I have heard,' it has become dead, it has become an experience. While listening to me the mind is not there, you are there. The moment the mind comes in it says, 'I have understood, I have heard, I know.' What do you mean? The mind has taken possession. The word can be possessed by the mind – anything dead can be possessed by the mind; and only dead things can be possessed. If you try to possess a live thing there are only two ways: either you will not be able to possess it, or you will have to kill it first and then you can possess it. So wherever there is possession, there is murdering, killing.

"If you love a person, love in itself is an experiencing, a moment-to-moment flow with no past being carried; the river remains fresh. But the mind says, 'Possess this woman, possess this man, because who knows about the future? Possess! She may escape, she may go to somebody else, she may fall in love with someone else. Possess her and block all the ways of escape, close all the doors so she remains always yours.' The mind has entered and now this woman will be killed, now this man will be murdered."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silent… resist… content… emptiness… roots… experience… curious… authentic… adam… vedas

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