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Every Suffering Is a Buddha-seed

Talk #12 of the Series, Bodhidharma: The Greatest Zen Master

"Bodhidharma is a mine of pure gold, except for two points on which he keeps continually insisting. He is a man to be listened to, to be understood, to be absorbed as deeply into your heart as possible. But those two points have to be remembered.

"I have been wondering why nobody contemporary to Bodhidharma pointed out those two flaws. The only thing I can think of is that Bodhidharma was too strong an individual, too charismatic, so that in front of him people must have felt completely silent. His power must have been overwhelming; otherwise, the defects are so clear that it is impossible that nobody would have noticed them.

"He himself has reached to his ultimate flowering; he has arrived home. It is no longer his concern that on the path he has gone astray a few times – he always came back."
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Osho continues:
"There is an ancient saying in the East that if somebody goes astray in the morning and comes back home in the evening, he should not be considered lost.

"And it is very natural for people who are spontaneous to go astray once in a while, because they are not following any ready-made track. They are not like railway trains, continuously moving on the same track. They are more like wild rivers – without any map, without any guide. The river arises far away in the Himalayas and starts its journey into the mountains, into the valleys, into the plains, moving continuously this way and that way. But finally it falls into the ocean. And who cares, when one has arrived at the ocean, that on the way a few steps have been taken which were not necessary, which could have been avoided.

"Once a person has reached he almost forgets, in his celebration, the long journey, the long search towards self-realization. Perhaps that is the reason why Bodhidharma cannot see those two simple defects. Except for those two defects, his every word is absolutely sincere and authentic. It is not a word of knowledge; it is an outpouring of innocence. He is not speaking, he is exposing his whole being to you.

"But I have to warn you on those two points. One is his continuous antagonism towards the arhatas. And second is: In the beginning I was thinking it must have been the fault of the disciple who was taking the notes, but it is so continuously repeated that there is every possibility it was not the disciple's fault: he was using the word mind in a wrong way.

"Because in English there is only one word, the Theosophists and the Christian Scientists have managed a certain device: for the ordinary human mind they use a small m, and for the universal mind, which is equivalent to no-mind, they use a capital M. Certainly the universal mind is not your mind. As far as you are concerned, your mind has disappeared and you have entered into a state of no-mind. On these points I will correct his sutras. I cannot allow such a beautiful statement of the truth to have even a small blemish."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

beautiful… nirvana… sutras… sound… gestures… bodhidharma

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