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Beyond the Sin of Unconsciousness

Talk #16 of the Series, The Book of Secrets

The last technique you discussed yesterday said that when a mood against someone or for someone arises, not to place it on the person in question but to remain centered. But when we experiment with this technique on our anger, hatred, etc. we feel that we are suppressing our emotion and it becomes a suppressed complex. So please clarify how to be free from these suppressed complexes while practicing the above technique.

"Expression and suppression are two aspects of one coin. They are contradictory, but basically they are not different. In expression and in suppression, in both, the other is the center.

"I am angry – I suppress the anger. I was going to express anger against you; now I suppress the anger against you. But the anger goes on being projected onto you whether expressed or suppressed."
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Osho continues:
"This technique is not for suppression. This technique changes the very base of expression and suppression both. This technique says, do not project it on the other, you are the source. Whether you express it or suppress it, you are the source. The emphasis is neither on expression nor on suppression. The emphasis is on knowing from where this anger arises. You have to move to the center, the source from where anger, hate and love arise. When you suppress you are not moving to the center, you are struggling with the expression.

"Anger has arisen in me. Ordinarily, I can do two things: express it onto someone or repress it. But in both the cases I am concerned with the other and I am concerned with the energy of anger that has come to the surface – not with the source.

"This technique is to forget the other completely. Just look at your energy of anger arising and move deep down to find the source within yourself from where it is coming. And the moment you find the source, remain centered in it. Do not do anything with anger – remember. In expression you are doing something with anger; in suppression also you are doing something with anger. Do not do anything with anger; do not touch it, just use it as a path. Just go deep down into it to know from where this has arisen. And the moment you will find the source, it is very easy to be centered there. Anger has to be used, really, as a path to find the source. Any emotion can be used.

"When you suppress you are not going to find the source, you are just struggling with energy that has come up and wants to be expressed. You can suppress it, but it will be expressed sooner or later because you cannot struggle forever with the energy that has come up. It has to be expressed. So you may not express it upon A, but then you will express it upon B or C. Whenever you find someone who is weaker than you, you will express the energy. And unless you express it you will feel burdened, tense, heavy and ill at ease."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

anger… initiation… source… psychology… method… mechanism… identification… crowd… eastern… nagarjuna

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