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This Knowing Is a Transformation

Talk #3 of the Series, The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart

"Maneesha, Gautama the Buddha marks a milestone in the history of consciousness. The society and the religion and the civilization that existed before him could not be the same after him.

"It is just a Christian obsession to make Jesus Christ the line that divides the past from the present-day society. And it is also due to the fact that the East has never written history. It has never been interested in historical facts for the simple reason that if everything is illusory, changing, what does it matter who comes to rule? What does it matter what happens in the outside world? It is not the real thing.

"As far as the eternal and the real is concerned, it is timeless, there is no question of history at all. History can be only of outside events, it cannot be of the inner."
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Osho continues:
"And because the whole concentration of the East was on the inner, it never bothered about history. Its concentration was directed more towards how to express the inner to those who are blind, to whose who are living in darkness. How to bring light to them?

"We don't know how many buddhas have remained silent. We don't know how many buddhas preceded Gautam Buddha. We have simply not been concerned about that kind of thing – birth, deathall those things are ephemeral. But the Western attitude is outward. And because Christianity became the world's greatest religion, it has made Jesus Christ the dividing line between the primitive, barbarian society and the society which exists now. That's why we always refer to Jesus – 'Before Christ,' or 'After Christ.'

"Bertrand Russell was writing the history of the world. He was confronted with the idea that it is absolutely unjustified to divide the development of society with the name of Jesus. The real division happened twenty-five centuries ago with Gautam Buddha. An authentic history should refer to Gautam Buddha. Any incident has to be described as either 'Before Gautam Buddha,' or 'After Gautam Buddha.'

"There is no comparison between Jesus and Gautam Buddha. He was not even claiming that he was enlightened; he had not even heard what meditation is. He was only claiming that he was the last prophet of the Jews. His contribution to history is nothing. But Gautam Buddha's contribution to human consciousness is immense, immeasurable.

"Bertrand Russell was a very impartial man. But still, childhood prejudices dominate you even in your eighties, nineties. He had long before denied his Christianity. He had written a book, Why I Am Not A Christian, and before the Christian religion expelled him, he had expelled the religion himself. So he was not an orthodox Christian, or even a Christian, but when the question came before him, of what to do with Jesus Christ and Gautam Buddha, he writes in his diaries: 'For days I could not sleep. I knew that it was Gautam Buddha, but my deep conditioning, of which I had never been aware, insisted that it had to be Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is ours; Gautam Buddha is a foreigner.' Finally he conceded to his conditioning."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light… control… change… habit… naked… message… criminal… watcher… joyous… bankei

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