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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Christianity, the Deadliest Poison, and Zen, the Antidote to All Poisons, # 5, (mp3) - pregnant, priests, yakusan


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Turning Lions into Sheep

Talk #5 of the Series, Christianity, the Deadliest Poison, and Zen, the Antidote to All Poisons


"First I have to answer the Christian monks who have sent many questions. Only twenty-one have come here, but now the whole seminary is agog and talking only about what I have said.

"They have sent a monk here today asking for the video; the whole seminary wants to see it. I am sending it with Prasad, and he has to inform them that this is only the beginning. I have been speaking continually since then, answering their questions. If they have any more questions, he should collect them. He should not enter into any dialogue, he should only collect the questions. I am going to answer them.

"The first question today is:The Christian church defends truth, honesty, and loyalty.

"In the first place, does the Christian church know the truth? It believes in a fictitious God, it believes in a fictitious devil, it believes in heaven and hell, and it has no evidence for them."
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Osho continues:
"What truth does it guard?

"It has, in fact, no way to reach to the truth. Prayer is not the way, because prayer is based on belief in a God. You have already accepted a belief. A belief is not a truth. You have not to believe in a truth; truth overwhelms you. You become it! It is not a question of faith or belief, it is a question of deepest inquiry into your own being, into your own consciousness. It is an inward journey.

"Christianity still hangs around the objective world. Its God is an object outside, its heaven is outside, its hell is outside. The prayer is for an outside God; it has not yet learned that there is an inner space in human beings, and unless you touch the very center of your consciousness, you don't have the truth.

"What are you guarding? – all kinds of lies!

"Virgin birth – is it a truth?

"Only amoebas have immaculate conception. Except amoebas, nobody can have a virgin birth. Amoebas are very strange people, celibate. In fact they don't have any sex; nobody is male, nobody is female. You will be surprised: how do they go on multiplying?

"Their process is very simple. They go on eating, and there comes a time when they become fat in the American way. There is a limit beyond which they cannot go on eating. They divide themselves in two. One amoeba becomes, at a certain stage, two amoebas. They are immortal unless they are killed. Then two amoebas go on eating more and more, and soon there will be four amoebas. This is the only animal in existence which has no sexuality.

"Why this insistence on immaculate conception? – just to make Jesus a very special human being, far above, beyond the ordinary mankind.

"I have heard. A psychoanalyst was dealing with a young girl. Her mother had brought the girl to him. The girl was pregnant, she was almost ready to give birth. Nine months were over, and it was so apparent, but the girl denied absolutely that she was pregnant. She said she had not even touched any man, she had not been in company with any man; how can she be pregnant?

"The psychoanalyst tried in every way to persuade her to tell the truth, but she simply denied it: 'How can I be pregnant? I have no relationship with anybody – and particularly a sexual relationship.'

"Finally the psychoanalyst got very irritated."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

pregnant… priests… response… meditation… koan… dewdrop… sheep… yakusan… moses… gorbachev

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