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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Christianity, the Deadliest Poison, and Zen, the Antidote to All Poisons, # 6, (mp3) - witness, religions, hyakujo


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The Christian Propaganda Machine

Talk #6 of the Series, Christianity, the Deadliest Poison, and Zen, the Antidote to All Poisons


"The Christians have been claiming that they have discovered the world. It is just holy shit. Columbus never discovered America, he re-discovered it. It had been discovered many times before, and there are valid evidences for it.

"In Turkey, there is a map which has been decided by scientists to be seven hundred years old. It is a world map, with America included in it, and it looks so contemporary. Everything we see in the modern maps is available in that map.

"Not only does it mean that America was known to the man who made the map, it also implies that such a map cannot have been made without a flying machine. Without any airplane, such a map is impossible. You cannot see a bird's-eye view of the whole continent, of the whole world, from every angleyou cannot make a map of India sitting here."
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Osho continues:
"Every nook and corner is drawn so clearly on the map.

"So it is a propaganda of the Christians that Columbus discovered America. Before him, America was perfectly well known, and not only America, but the whole world as we know it today. The maps have not changed at all.

"But this was not the first time that a map was made of America, seven hundred years ago. Five thousand years ago, one of the great warriors of India, Arjuna, married a Mexican woman. In Sanskrit the name of Mexico is Makshika. From Makshika, Mexico is derived.

"One of the most scholarly Buddhist monks, Bhikkshu Chimanlal, has written a book that Christians go on ignoring. The name of the book is Hindu America – because everywhere in Mexico and other parts, Hindu gods have been found, temples devoted to Hindu gods, statues of Hindu gods. The shape of the temples is the shape of the Hindu temple.

"But not only has Chimanlal proved definitively that there was a time when the whole of America was converted to Hinduism, he has also found places which Christians will be shocked to know about.

"There are fields in many forests of South America which have strange signs on them. Those signs can be understood only if you are high above in the sky, from an airplane – and the fields look exactly like airports. It has been said that those symbols are simply made so the pilots understand that they are above the airport; that there was no other use in making them if there were no airplanes. The signs are so big you cannot make any sense of them, standing on the ground you cannot see the whole sign. And such vast fields, so clean, that even now after thousands of years, it is as if airplanes could use them.

"In Sanskrit, the airplane is called viman, and there are so many descriptions in so many scriptures that they have to be understood. The airplane is described with great detail in the Mahabharata, and perhaps a far better version than we know of yet, because it was not fueled by petrol. It used to have a certain precious stone on top of it, which absorbed the sun's rays, and through those sun rays the airplane was fueled."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

witness… religions… paradise… loved… deceiving… principle… sense… hyakujo… mahakashyapa… judas

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