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The Possibility to Be Yourself

Talk #5 of the Series, Come, Come, Yet Again Come

Every time I hear you praising capitalism I get angry. You say sannyas means to get rid of all conditioning and to escape out of every cage whether it is religious, philosophical or political. But isn't capitalism a cage too? Why can't we live a creative life in wealth and freedom without any 'isms'?

"Capitalism is not an 'ism' at all; just don't get too obsessed by the word. Sometimes words become too important to us and we tend to forget the reality.

"Capitalism is not an ideology; it is not imposed on the society, it is a natural growth. It is not like communism, or fascism, or socialism – these are ideologies; they have to be imposed. Capitalism has come on its own. In fact, the word capitalism has been given by the anti-capitalist thinkers: the communists, the socialists and others."
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Osho continues:
"Capitalism is a state of freedom; that's exactly why I am in support of it. It allows you all kinds of freedoms. Communism will not allow you all kinds of freedoms; communism will give you only one ideology to believe in – there is no question of choice.

"I am reminded of Henry Ford.

"When he made his first model, those cars were only made in one color – black. And he himself used to take the customers round his showroom; he would go around with them and show them the cars. He used to say to people, 'You are free to choose any color, provided it is black!'

"That's exactly the attitude of communism: you are free to choose any ideology, any philosophy, any religion, provided it is communism. In a communist society there is no hope for a multidimensional humanity to grow; it can allow only a certain type to grow: it is linear. You cannot conceive that in a communist pattern even Karl Marx would be possible; he would not be allowed. You cannot conceive a Jesus, a Buddha, a Krishna, or a Lao Tzu being born in a communist society; they would be destroyed at the very beginning.

"Before the Russian revolution, Russia produced the greatest novelists in the world. Before the revolution, Russia passed through an immense period of creativity; it was almost an explosion. Nowhere else, in no other time, were so many great artists born together: Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky, Turgenev, and many more. What happened to all that creativity after the Russian revolution? Not a single Tolstoy, not a single Dostoevsky, not a single Maxim Gorky has appeared. It is impossible, because the government directs you about what to write, what not to write. The bureaucracy dictates everything. You cannot paint according to your own heart, you cannot sing the song that you want to sing; you have to dance to the tune that the government plays. Naturally, only mediocre people have been happy in Russia. Untalented people will find it very good, but talented people, who are the salt of the earth, will be retarded.

"Only one outlet is there, to go into politics, and that too is not easy."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

scriptures… growth… machine… loving… freedoms… judas… krushchev… webster… hillary… jesus

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