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Have Mercy and Not Sacrifice

Talk #7 of the Series, Come Follow to You, Vol. 1

"Religion is basically, essentially, a rebellion. It is not is not conformity, it is not belonging to any organization, society, church, because all belonging comes out of fear – and religion is freedom. There is fear in being alone. One likes to belong – to a nation, to a church, to a society, because when you belong to the crowd you forget your loneliness. It does not disappear, but you become oblivious to it. You deceive yourself, you create a dream around you, as if you are not alone. You remain alone all the same; this is just an intoxicant.

"Religion is not an intoxicant. It does not give you unconsciousness, it gives you awareness. And awareness is rebellious. When you become aware, you cannot belong to any society, to any nation, to any church, because when you become aware you become aware of the austere beauty of aloneness."
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Osho continues:
"You become aware of the music that is continuously happening within your soulbut you have never allowed yourself to be alone to hear it, to be in rapport with it, to be one with it.

"Religion is not conformity because all conformity is mechanical. You do certain things because you are expected to do them. You do them because you have to live with people and you have to follow their rules; you do them because you have been conditioned to do them. You go to church, you go to the temple, you pray, you follow rituals, but everything is empty. Unless your heart is in it, everything is dead and mechanical. You may do everything exactly as it is prescribed, with no error – it may be perfect – but then too, it is dead.

"I have heard that President Kennedy had to sign so many letters, autographs and personalized pictures that a small mechanism was invented for him. The machine used to sign for him, and the signature was so perfect that no expert was able to say which was mechanical and which was true – not even President Kennedy himself was able to say which was false and which was true. Malcolm Muggeridge reports that when Kennedy was killed they forgot to turn the machine off, so it continued. The President continued to sign personalized letters even when he was dead. A mechanism is a mechanism.

"You become a Christian: then you become a mechanism. You go on behaving as if you really loved Christ, but that 'as if' has to be remembered. You become a Buddhist: you go on behaving as if you follow Buddha, but that 'as if' has not to be forgotten. Your signature may be perfect, but it is coming out of a dead mechanism.

"Religion is not conformity. Conformity is between the individual and the past, and religion is something between the individual and the present – poetry is something between the individual and the future. Conformity means to conform with those people who are no more, the dead – to conform with Moses, with Mahavira. Now to conform with Jesus is a dead thing; you are conforming with the past."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sinner… moment… sinners… sacrifice… tirthankaras… unconsciousness… innermost… jesus… matthew… kennedy

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