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Happy People Are Dangerous

Talk #2 of the Series, Come Follow to You, Vol. 2

"Roses are red
Violets are bluish,
If it wasn't for Jesus
We'd all be Jewish.'
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"We still are. Jesus could not succeed. To be Jewish has nothing to do with any race. It is an attitude. To be Jewish means to be calculating, to be under the world of law and not love. To be Jewish means not to be poetic, but to be arithmetical. To be Jewish means not to be in awe of the wonder that surrounds you.

"It is not just accidental that this whole century has been dominated by three Jews – Marx, Freud and Einstein – because the world is materialistic. It has never been as materialistic as it is now. One Jew, Marx, invented the idea that life is nothing but economics. That's what I mean by calculation."
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Osho continues:
"Even religion is economics, even poetry is economics. Marx says that even consciousness depends on economic situations, it is a by-product: consciousness is a by-product of economic situations, the structure of the society. Marx is the perfect Jew: you cannot find a better specimen!

"Then Freud, who tried to invent the idea that the whole of life moves according to unconscious laws, instincts: there is no conscious event in human life; everything is dominated by the unconscious. He was a fatalist.

"Fatalism is also an idea that the world is run by dead rules. To Marx, it is economics that rules everything. To Freud, it is unconscious instinct that rules everything. Then Einstein tried to invent the idea that the whole of life is nothing but a combination of atoms. All three are calculators.

"To be a Jew has nothing to do with the Jewish race. There are Jews who are Hindus, there are Jews who are Jainas, there are Jews who are Buddhists. The Jew is an attitude.

"Christ has not succeeded: Christians are Jews! Christ can succeed only when law is defeated by love, when matter is defeated by spirit, when language is defeated by silence, when prose is defeated by poetry, when life is not ruled by economic, instinctive, historical laws, but life is ruled by grace. Then Jesus succeeds.

"So don't think that you are not Jews. Out of a hundred people, ninety-nine percent are Jews. Only sometimes one person is not Jewish. That person lives a life of love. He has nothing to force his life into, no pattern. He lives moment to moment; he flows from one moment to another moment – with no idea of where he is going, with no goal.

"Then freedom happens. And only in freedom is there consciousness, only in freedom is there godliness. Godliness is total freedom. If you live moment to moment – not knowing where you are going, not knowing from where you are coming – if the past is irrelevant and the future also and only the present has any relevance, any reality, you go beyond being Jewish.

"Everybody is born a Jew. Rarely, very rarely, somebody dies and dies not as a Jew."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

avoid… beginning… moment… miss… grace… dogma… kazantzakis… marx… tolstoy… nijinsky

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