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The Door to Bliss, Beauty, Truth and Love

Surrender is the door...

Talk #4 of the Series, Come Follow to You, Vol. 3

How would you describe your particular path to enlightenment in relationship to other traditional paths such as the various kinds of yoga, Sufism, Buddhism, Zen, Christianity, etcetera?

"I have no particular path. I don't belong to any path whatsoever, and therefore all paths belong to me. Each path is perfect in itself, but each path can help only a very minor part of humanity. Each path exists for a particular type. It is complete in itself. Nothing is to be added to it – nothing is to be deducted from it. As it is, it is perfect. But it can help only a particular type. Humanity is vast; one path cannot carry the whole of humanity. All paths are needed. In fact, as the human mind changes, more new paths have to be evolved."
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Osho continues:
"With the mind changing, many old paths have become by and by useless, or can be used only by a very few individuals.

"I use all paths. Whenever I see a seeker, I start looking into him – what type he is and what type of path will be helpful to him. I may not use the name of the path, because those names have become too much loaded. If a Hindu comes to me and I say to him, 'Sufism is your path,' he will not be able to understand; he will be immediately closed to it. A Hindu cannot conceive himself on the path of Mohammedans – that's impossible for him.

"I will not talk about Sufism, but whatsoever I will give him will be Sufism. To me the path is not important, but the seeker. Paths exist for you, not vice versa. You don't exist for any path or any doctrine. All doctrines, all paths, all dogmas, exist for you. If they are helpful, good; if they are not helpful, they have to be thrown on to the rubbish heap.

"Man is important, because man carries the potentiality of being God. Paths are just means. Use them, but don't be used by them. Remain masters, and always remember that you are the end and nothing else is more important than you, than your innermost core. If you remember this, you can use many paths and you can be enriched by many ways.

"And this is my understanding, that the more you travel, the more you walk on many paths, the more open you become, the more enriched you are. The whole past of humanity belongs to you. If you are a Mohammedan, don't say that only Mohammed belongs to you – Buddha is also yours, Christ also. The whole past of humanity is your heritage. Why be poor? Why say, 'I am a Hindu and only Krishna belongs to me and Christ is a stranger. I won't allow him in my house; only Krishna is allowed'? If only Krishna is allowed, then you will have only one door to your house, only one room to your house – then you cannot be multi-dimensional."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

beauty… path… frustration… painting… perfection… buddhist… beautiful… sharing… conflict… wagner

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