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No Future No Past, Only Life Herenow

There is no future god; there is no past

Talk #3 of the Series, Come Follow to You, Vol. 3

"Once it happened: Aesop, the greatest master of story-telling, was going out of Athens. He met a man who was coming from Argos. They talked. The man from Argos asked Aesop, 'You are coming from Athens. Please tell me some thing about the people there: what manner of men they are, what they are like.'

"Aesop asked the man, 'First you tell me what type of people are there in Argos.'

"The man said, 'Very disgusting, nauseating, violent, quarrelsome.' And all these qualities flashed on the face of the man.

"Aesop said, 'I am sorry. You will find the people of Athens just the same.'

"Later on, he met another man who was also from Argos, and he also asked the same question: 'You are coming from Athens and you have lived your whole life there – what manner of men are they there? What are they like?'

"And Aesop again asked, 'First tell me what manner of men are there in Argos.'

"And the man became aflame with nostalgiaa very loving memory of the people of Argos."
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Osho continues:
"His face shone and he said, 'Very pleasant, friendly, kind, and good neighbors.'

"Aesop said, 'I am happy to tell you that you will find the people of Athens just the same.'

"The story is tremendously beautiful. It tells a very basic truth about man: wherever you go, you will always find yourself; wherever you look, you will always encounter yourself. The whole world is nothing but a mirror, and all relationships are mirrors. Again and again you encounter yourself – and again and again you misunderstand. You never realize the point, that it is your own face that you have looked at, that it is your own mood that you have come across.

"Why have I started with this story of Aesop? – for a very basic reason. You can recognize Jesus only if you have recognized something of the beyond within yourself; otherwise not. You can recognize Buddha only if a part of you has become like Buddha; otherwise you cannot recognize. You cannot recognize that which has not happened to you.

"If you are dark, only darkness can be recognized. If you are light, then you become capable of recognizing light. Your eyes can see light because they are part of the sun, because something within you has become of the nature of light. A deep transformation has happened within you. Only then is it possible to recognize a Jesus, a Buddha, a Krishna, a Mohammed. Otherwise you will misunderstand them; you will think that you have understood them. It will be nothing but your own reflection, it will be nothing but your own echoes. It is your own voice that you have heard coming from them; it is your own face that you have looked at in their mirror.

"So before you can understand Jesus, you have to understand yourself. Before you can have the vision that Jesus has something, at least something of the same vision has to be allowed within you.

"These sutras are very significant.
When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Phillipi, he asked his disciples, saying, 'Whom do men say that I, the son of man, am?'
"Why did he ask this? The people were saying all sorts of things about him."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

vertical… blessed… imprisoned… message… armor… schizophrenic… aesop… ramakrishna… gogol

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