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This in Remembrance of Me

This in Remembrance of Me

Talk #1 of the Series, Come Follow to You, Vol. 4

"The great German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, was on his death-bed in much pain and suffering. One evening, just before he died, he cried loudly, 'Ah, my God!'

"The doctor who was attending to him was surprised because there was no place for God in Schopenhauer's philosophy. So he said, 'Sir, is there any place for God in your philosophy?'

"Schopenhauer opened his eyes and said, 'In suffering, philosophy without God is insufficient.'

"The word insufficient is very significant. Let us contemplate on it a little more. Even on his death-bed, Schopenhauer remains a philosopher. A philosopher goes on thinking about God, at the most, as a hypothesis: sufficient or insufficient? But God remains, more or less, a hypothetical thing. God is not reality. Maybe the concept is needed because it is difficult to explain many things without it, but the hypothesis is a hypothesis and can be discarded at any moment."
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Osho continues:
"Any moment that we can explain life without him, we will be ready to explain life without him.

"God is not life. Rather, he is a hypothesis to explain the mystery of life. A hypothesis is a need of ignorance. When man becomes more and more knowledgeable, the darkness of ignorance is pushed away more and more. God will be thrown, God will be dethroned because then he will not be needed.

"Schopenhauer says, 'In suffering, a philosophy without God is insufficient.' In suffering man feels his helplessness: fear, death, pain, and there is no explanation for it. The suffering is so much, and unexplained. Then one cries out of fear, anguish, anxiety, 'Ah God, my God!' But this God is bogus. It may be a need of human frailty, human limitation; it may be a need of human weakness, human helplessness, but it is not reality. It is not that you have come to realize the truth of it. At the most, it is needed. You feel too much alone, in the dark, without the concept of God. At the most, it is a make-believe. It helps, it consoles, it gives a certain comfort when comfort is needed. It is what Marx calls 'the opium.' In suffering, opium is needed – something through which you can forget the suffering – but this is not the true God. The God of the philosophers is not a true God.

"Then there is another God – the true God. The true God is not a hypothesis, it is a realization. And the true God reveals more when you are celebrating than when you are in suffering.

"Just try to understand this: whenever you are happy you don't need God. Who needs God when one is happy and enjoying life, full of energy and vigor? When life is a fulfillment who needs God? Then the philosophy is sufficient without God. In happiness, nobody remembers God. If you remember God when you are happy, there is more possibility to know him than when you remember him in suffering, because in suffering everybody remembers. It depends more on suffering than on you. It is part of a suffering mind that it feels helpless."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

god… present… silence… loved… desirelessness… deeply… jesus… magdalene… maitreya… isaac

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