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Jesus: What Was His Crime?

Eli, Eli, Lamasabachthani

Talk #9 of the Series, Come Follow to You, Vol. 4

"Nothing is new under the sun, and nothing is old also. It all depends on the mind. If the mind is old, then everything is old; if the mind is new, then everything is new. And a new mind is a no-mind; only an old mind is a mind.

"Mind means the past, the accumulated past, the accumulated dust of the past. Mind is a rut, a routine. It is never new. It goes on repeating itself: it is like a gramophone record, stuck. The needle is stuck somewhere, and it goes on repeating the same line, the same line. Centuries have passed, but the mind continues behaving in the same pattern. It killed Socrates, poisoned him. It crucified Jesus, it killed Mansoor, and nothing has changed yet. If Jesus comes again, he is going to be crucified."
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Osho continues:
"I have heard a very beautiful story. It is a Sufi joke of tremendous import: A Bektasi dervish – Bektasi is an order of Sufis, one of the most important orders, very revolutionary – a Bektasi dervish approached a certain bishop and said, 'I have heard of a young man who harangues crowds, advocates their breaking the law, claims supernatural connections, performs miracles, and contradicts himself.'

"'Enough,' said the bishop, 'he shall be tried, charged with blasphemy and upsetting public order. If he does not recant, he may be put to death as a heretic and a corrupter. Just tell me his name and I shall arrange his arrest.'

"'I wish you could realize how impressed I am by your competence,' said the Bektasi dervish. 'His name is Jesus.'

"Even Christians would kill him if he came again. It is not only that Jews killed him; it was nothing to do with Jews. Let me repeat it: it had nothing to do with Jews. It has something to do with the mind itself. If he comes again, Christians will crucify him, because he will bring again the new and the fresh; and the mind is old, and is always afraid of the new and the fresh. He will again bring the unknown, and the mind is the known, and the known is always apprehensive of the unknown. He will again bring insecurity, and the mind is always in search of security. He will bring chaos and the mind wants a comfortable, convenient life, although a comfortable, convenient life is not a real life – the more comfortable, the less alive. The most comfortable life is in the grave.

"If you are alive there is inconvenience. If you are alive there are challenges. If you are alive then every moment you have to face reality, encounter reality. Every moment you have to be ready to change and to move. Reality has no security and that is its beauty. Life has no security and that is its beauty. Because there is no security, there is adventure. Because the future is unknown, nobody knows what is going to happen the next moment. That's why there is challenge, growth, adventure."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

poetic… innermost… comfortable… sensitivity… avoiding… nobody… perceptive… barabbas… burke… matthew

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