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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 10, # 12, (mp3) - condemned, egos, shiva


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Your Mind Is Created by Society

Talk #12 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 10

I am an uneducated man. Can I still become enlightened?

"There is more possibility for you than for an educated man. The education that exists in the world is not true education. True education will be a help towards enlightenment because it will make you more meditative, more silent, more aware, more inward-looking.

"The education that exists in the world makes you more ambitious, outward-looking, more egoistic, more superficial. It gives you all kinds of wrong values. It is a kind of poisoning. It does not help you, in any way, to be yourself. It is destructive. It helps you to be somebody else, and that's its very destructive foundation. It is a poisoning, but so slow that you never become aware. It begins the day you are born and it goes on slowly, slowly destroying you, distracting you from your nature."
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Osho continues:
"By the time you come out of the university you are no longer a natural being. You are artificial, arbitrary. Universities are like factories, assembly lines, where man is destroyed and machines are created, where man is reduced to a machine.

"Enlightenment means discovering your being. It has nothing to do with education. In fact, those who are educated will have to become, in a certain sense, uneducated again. Those who are knowledgeable will have to cease to be knowledgeable. They will have to become again childlike, innocent, so their eyes can be full of wonder, surprise, so they can again see the tremendous beauty of existence, the eternal joy, the celebration that surrounds you. But the knowledgeable person is absolutely unaware because he thinks he knows; that is his barrier.

"The more you know, the less you are surprised by anything. The more you know, the less you wonder. And God is only for those whose wonder is total, who know the experience of being in awe; those who can dance with the wind and the sun and the rain; those who, seeing a roseflower, are so struck by its beauty that they become speechless, that for a moment their minds stop functioning. Only those few can know God. Only those few can become enlightened.

"You are fortunate. Of course, if you are educated you will be able to earn more money – but not more meditation. You will be able to have more political power because you will be more cunning, more clever – but not insight into your own being. You may be able to possess many things, but that will be only a deception. In fact, things will possess you because you will not be your own master. It is better to possess one's own being than to possess the whole world. It is better to be a buddha – a beggar – than to be Alexander the Great, because the buddha lives a full life and dies a full death, and Alexander the Great lives an empty life, hollow, somehow stuffing it in an effort to convince himself that he is not empty, and then dies utterly empty.

"When he died he said to his generals, 'Let my hands hang out of my coffin.'

"'Why?' they asked, because that was not the way to carry a dead body."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

condemned, egos, mechanical, meditate, enlightenment, conscious, tantric, shiva, pavlov, vishnu

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