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Conscience Is a Strategy to Enslave You

Talk #4 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 11

There is something that even you cannot do. You can't put an Italian in an Irish joke. It is against the dharma.

"It is true, I goofed again! Go on reminding me. These goddamned jokes are dangerous! And I love the Italians so much that wherever I can find a place for them I try to manage. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but you caught me.

"To put the record right, the joke is:

"Two gentlemen are sitting in a garden, one British, one Irish.

"The British gentleman asked the Irish, 'If you were not Irish, what would you be?'

"The Irish says, 'Of course I would be British.'

"And then he asks the British, 'If you were not British, what would you be?'

"And the British said, 'I would be ashamed.'

"But I got mixed up."
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Osho continues:
"That's why I have all my jokes typed with me. That one was not typed with me. About God and about truth and about religion there is no trouble – I know them from my personal experience. But these jokes!

"Yes, Chetana, it is against the dharma. And I hope it is not going to happen again.

"The second question:
Why can't I see my own faults while I am immensely capable of seeing others', even their smallest ones?
"It is very normal. It is not something exceptional. Our eyes are focused on others; we are other-oriented. We only see the others – it is not only a question of faults – we never see ourselves. Even if we want to see ourselves we have to look in a mirror, we have to create the image. When the image is there the other has appeared. The mirror helps us to see ourselves because it creates the other. Otherwise we are absolutely extroverts; we have forgotten the language of how to look in. Hence, as a consequence, you cannot see your own faults; nobody can.

"The moment you start seeing your faults they start dropping like dry leaves. Then nothing else has to be done; to see them is enough. Just to be aware of your faults is all that is needed. In that awareness they start disappearing, they evaporate. One can go on committing a certain error only if one remains unconscious of it. Unconsciousness is a must to go on committing the same errors. Even if you try to change you will commit the same error in some other form, in some other shape. And they come in all sizes and all shapes. You will exchange, you will substitute, but you cannot drop it because deep down you don't see that it is a fault. Others may be telling you because they can see.

"That's why everybody thinks himself so beautiful, so intelligent, so virtuous, so saintly – and nobody agrees with him! The reason is simple: you look at others, you see their reality, and about yourself you carry fictions – beautiful fictions. About yourself you are very fictitious. All that you know about yourself is more or less a myth; it has nothing to do with reality."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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