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Osho Audiobook: The Dhammapada Vol. 3, Talk 3


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Truth Rushes in to Fill the Empty Mind

Talk #3 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 11

"A new inmate checked into a California asylum. He seemed quite happy – in fact, he was laughing uproariously. 'Nearest kin?' asked the examining physician.

"'Twin brother,' responded the fellow. 'We were identical twins. Couldn't tell us apart. In school he would throw a spitball and the teacher would blame me. Once he was arrested for speeding and the judge fined me. I had a girl, he ran off with her.'

"'Then why are you laughing?'

"'Because I got even with him last week.'

"'What happened?'

"'I died and they buried him.'

"Man is mad. Madness is not a disease, it is the normal condition of mankind. Yes, people differ in degrees, but that is not much of a difference. Man as he exists on the earth is insane.

"The effort of all the buddhas is to bring sanity to you, to dispel your madness."
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Osho continues:
"But because everybody is mad, just like you, you remain oblivious of the fact your whole life. Unless you come across a buddha you will never be aware of the fact that you are mad. The buddha becomes a mirror: he reflects your reality, he shows you your face as it is – and it is utterly distorted. It is not the way you are meant to be. Something has gone fundamentally wrong, something very basic is missing.

"Man is born in such a state of unconsciousness that whatsoever he does brings more and more misery to him and to others. He goes on blaming fate, he goes on blaming nature, he goes on blaming the society – but he always goes on blaming others, he never blames himself. The moment you gather courage enough to blame yourself, the moment you accept the responsibility of whatsoever you are, a ray of light enters into your being. You are on the path of inner transformation.

"These sutras are for the bodhisattvas. Now Buddha is saying to his bodhisattvas – to those disciples who are going to become helpers to mankind, who are ready to go into the world and to help people who are drowning in their own insanity – Buddha is saying to his bodhisattvas, 'These are the basic things you have to start your teaching with.'

"The first thing he says: Tell the people that. You have no name and no form – because that is where millions are stuck. People live and die for name and fame. It seems their life purpose is to have a name known to the whole world, a name which is going to be written in golden letters in history, a name which will go on resounding down the corridors of time for ever and ever.

"And the whole thing is so stupid, so ridiculous, because you don't have any name in the first place. You are born nameless, you are nameless. All names are arbitrary. Don't sacrifice your life for a name. Don't sacrifice the real for something unreal. We are sacrificing something true for something which is untrue and cannot be made true.

"When a child is born, you know he does not bring a name with him; he is born as namelessness."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

passion, misunderstand, ease, politics, pseudo, attached, joy, zarathustra, daruma, mao

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