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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 02, # 5, (mp3) - heart, seed, vishnu


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In the Litter of the Wayside

Talk #5 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 02

"Man is not a being but only a becoming. Man is a process, a growth, a possibility, a potentiality. Man is not yet actual. Man has to be, he has yet to arrive. Man is born not as an essence but only as an existencea great space where much can happen, or nothing may happen – it all depends on you.

"Man has to create himself. He is not ready-made, he is not given. And the creation has to be a self-creation – nobody else can make you. You are not a thing, a commodity; you cannot be produced or manufactured. You have to self-create yourself, you have to become awakened on your own, nobody can wake you up.

"This is man's grandeur, his glory, that he is the only being on the earth who is not a being but a freedom to be."
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Osho continues:
"All other beings are already fixed, patterned. They bring a blueprint, and they simply follow the blueprint. The parrot will become a parrot, the dog will become a dog, the lion a lion; there is no question of the lion being somebody else. But with man it is relevant to ask whether he is really a man.

"Each lion is really a lion, and each elephant is an elephant too, but man is a question mark. A man may be a man, may not be. A man can fall below the animals, and a man can rise above the gods. That ultimate state above the gods is buddhahood – the awakening, the ultimate awakening, the realization of your potential in its totality.

"The buddha is above gods. This was one of the reasons Hindus could not forgive Gautama the Buddha, because he said the buddha is above the gods. Gods are also asleep; of course, their dreams are nice, their dreams are not nightmares, they live in heaven. Their lives are only of pleasure. Heaven is nothing but pure hedonism, the very idea is hedonistic. Hell is just the opposite. Hell is pain, heaven is pleasure; hell is a nightmare, heaven a sweet dream. But dreams are dreams; sweet or bitter, it does not matter.

"The gods are also asleep and dreaming beautiful dreams. The buddha is awakened, he is no longer dreaming. The Buddhist scriptures say: The day Siddhartha Gautam became a buddha gods came from the sky to worship him, to wash his feet. Hindus could not forgive this idea, because for them the gods in heaven – Indra and other gods – are the suprememost. And look at the arrogance of the Buddhists who say gods came from heaven to wash the feet of a human being.

"Buddhism raised humanity to its highest pinnacle. No other religion has done that. Man becomes the center of existence. God is not the center of existence, according to Buddha, but the man who has become awakened. The periphery consists of those who are asleep and blind, and the center consists of those who have eyes, who are awakened. Gods are simply dropped; they are no longer relevant."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

heart… seed… attain… freedom… circumference… buddhas… known… blueprint… attuned… vishnu

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