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The Law: Ancient and Inexhaustible

Talk #10 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 02

Please tell us more about what you mean by the dimension of music.

"Life can be lived in two ways – either as calculation or as poetry. Man has two sides to his inner being: the calculative side that creates science, business, politics; and the non-calculative side, which creates poetry, sculpture, music. These two sides have not yet been bridged, they have separate existences. Because of this man is immensely impoverished, remains unnecessarily lopsided – they have to be bridged.

"In scientific language it is said that your brain has two hemispheres. The left-side hemisphere calculates, is mathematical, is prose; and the right-side hemisphere of the brain is poetry, is love, is song. One side is logic, the other side is love. One side is syllogism, the other side is song."
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Osho continues:
"And they are not really bridged, hence man lives in a kind of split.

"My effort here is to bridge these two hemispheres.

"Man should be as scientific as possible, as far as the objective world is concerned, and as musical as possible as far as the world of relationship is concerned.

"There are two worlds outside you. One is the world of objects: the house, the money, the furniture. The other is the world of persons: the wife, the husband, the mother, the children, the friend. With objects be scientific; never be scientific with persons. If you are scientific with persons you reduce them to objects, and that is one of the greatest crimes one can commit. If you treat your wife only as an object, as a sexual object, then you are behaving in a very ugly way. If you treat your husband only as a financial support, as a means, then this is immoral, then this relationship is immoral – it is prostitution, pure prostitution and nothing else.

"Don't treat persons as a means, they are ends unto themselves. Relate to them – in love, in respect. Never possess them and never be possessed by them. Don't be dependent on them and don't make persons around you dependent. Don't create dependence in any way; remain independent and let them remain independent.

"This is music. This dimension I call the dimension of music. And if you can be as scientific as possible with objects, your life will be rich, affluent; if you can be as musical as possible, your life will have beauty. And there is a third dimension also, which is beyond the mind. These two belong to the mind: the scientist and the artist. There is a third dimension, invisible – the dimension of no-mind. That belongs to the mystic. That is available through meditation.

"Hence, I say these three words have to be remembered – three M's like three R's: mathematics, the lowest; music, just in the middle; and meditation, the highest. A perfect human being is scientific about objects, is aesthetic, musical, poetic about persons, and is meditative about himself. Where all these three meet, great rejoicing happens.

"This is the real trinity, trimurti."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

mirror… scientific… past… action… communion… listen… priests… picasso… bodhidharma… mussolini

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