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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 02, # 1, (mp3) - truth, light, mahavira


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The Wisdom of Innocence

Talk #1 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 02

"Once I was asked, 'What is philosophy?' I said, 'Philosophy is the art of asking the wrong questions.' The blind man asking 'What is light?' – this is philosophy. The deaf asking 'What is music? What is sound?' – this is philosophy.

"If the blind man asks, 'How can I get my eyes back?' this is no longer philosophy, this is religion. If the deaf goes to the physician to be treated so that he can hear, then he is moving in the direction of religion and not in the direction of philosophy.

"Philosophy is guesswork, it is speculation; knowing nothing, one tries to invent the truth. And the truth cannot be invented, and anything invented cannot be true. The truth has to be discovered. It is already thereall that we need is open eyes to see it, a heart of feel it, a being to be present to it."
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Osho continues:
"The truth is always present but we are absent, and because we are absent we cannot see the truth. And we go on asking about the truth, and we don't ask the right question: How to be present? How to become a presence?

"We ask about the truth and that asking is also going away from it, because the asking implies that an answer is possible from somebody else. Asking implies that somebody else can tell you what the truth is. Nobody can tell you it, it can't be told.

"Lao Tzu says: The truth that can be said is no longer truth. Once said, it becomes a lie.

"Why? – because the person who knows, knows it not as information; otherwise, it would have been very easy to transfer the information to anybody who was ready to receive it. The truth is known as an inner experience. It is like a taste on the tongue. If a man has never tasted what sweetness is, you cannot explain it to him – it is impossible. If a man has not seen color, you cannot explain to him what it is.

"There are things which can only be experienced, and through experience understood. God is that ultimate experience, which is utterly inexpressible, untransferable. It cannot be conveyed. At the most, a few hints can be given; but those hints are also to be received with a very sympathetic heart, otherwise you will miss them.

"If you interpret them with your mind you are going to miss them, because what can your mind do as far as interpretation is concerned? It can bring only its own past. It can bring only its own chaos. It can bring its conflicts, doubts, confusions. And all those it will impose on the truth, on the hint given to you, and immediately everything is distorted. Your mind is not in a state to see, to feel.

"Religion simply means creating a space in your mind which is capable of seeing, which is capable of non-conflict, which is capable of being one without any split, which is capable of integrity, clarity, perceptiveness. A mind which is full of thoughts cannot perceive; those thoughts go on interfering."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

truth… light… simple… minds… isolation… knowledgeable… mechanism… confusion… blessed… mahavira

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