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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 04, # 6, (mp3) - positive, sadness, newton


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Is This the Way It Is?

Talk #6 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 04

It seems to me that being here with you means to let go of everything – not only the misery, fear, sadness and the so-called negative spaces, but also the happy, loving, flowing feelings, the so-called positive spaces that have always been my goal. Osho, is this the way it is?

"The positive and the negative, the night and the day, the summer and the winter, birth and death – they are not separate. If you want to let go of one, you will have to allow the other also to go.

"That is one of the greatest dilemmas: people want the positive to remain with them – but if the positive remains, the negative remains as its shadow. The positive will not have any meaning without the negative."
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Osho continues:
"If you don't know what darkness is you will not be able to see light at all. If you want to see light you will have to be ready to experience darkness too. You cannot avoid death if you cling to life. It is life that brings death in.

"And everybody wants to cling to the positive spaces and everybody wants to avoid the negative spaces. This is impossible – this is against the eternal law.

"If you watch carefully you will see that if the negative is torturing you too much then the positive is only a cover-up. What do you mean when you say that you are happy? You simply mean that 'At this moment my unhappiness is covered up.' What do you mean when you say that 'Now I am relaxed'? It simply means that the tensions have gone deeper into the unconscious; now you are oblivious of them.

"But sooner or later they will assert, sooner or later they will have their own time. You cannot remain with the positive forever. The negative and positive always balance each other: you will have as much happiness as you are ready to have unhappiness.

"Hence one of the mysteries: the more affluent a society is, the more miserable it is. There is no other country more miserable than America, for the simple reason that America has now the highest peak of happiness; it cannot avoid the lowest depth. The peaks are possible only with valleys – the higher the peak, the deeper the valley.

"In India people feel very satisfied. The reason is they don't know the peaks of happiness; hence they don't know the valleys of unhappiness. They live more or less on neutral ground, neither positive nor negative. This is not true contentment, this is simply absence of positive spaces – hence the negative spaces are also absent.

"America is really in a mental torture, in a great psychological upheaval. No society has ever been in such a state. Individuals, of course, have been.

"Gautam Buddha was the son of a king. He had all the joys – that's why he became aware of the misery of life. It is not accidental that all the twenty-four tirthankaras of the Jainas were kings."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

positive… sadness… transcendence… revolution… creative… magic… misunderstanding… newton… einstein… bohme

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