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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 08, # 11, (mp3) - accept, responsible, diogenes


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The Psychology of Egolessness

Talk #11 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 08

Gurdjieff said that in order to attain to real will, one would have to surrender one's false will first. Is this also true here?

"It is true everywhere. It is true forever. Truth is universal: time makes no difference, place makes no difference. And this is one of the most fundamental truths of spiritual growth: the false has to be given up because the false is the barrier. You remain deluded by the false; hence the search for the true never starts. You believe the false to be the true. Then why should you endeavor to realize the true?

"If you think that darkness is light, then where is the necessity to search for light? If you think this life is all, then there is no question of seeking and inquiring about another life."
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Osho continues:
"If time is your total reality, then eternity never becomes a quest for you.

"The 'false will' means the ego; the true will means egolessness. The false will is yours; the true will is that of existence. The false will is personal; the true will is universal. The false will simply means that you believe yourself separate from the whole; and the true will is dissolving this illusion of separation, becoming that which you really are – a part in this cosmic harmony, totally one with it. Then you don't have any separate destination, you don't have any private goal. Then wherever the whole is going, you are going. You are just a wave in the ocean.

"And before the real can be known, the false has to cease, because the false is covering your eyes. You are clinging to the false, to the toy. And unless you see the point – that the toy is only a toy, not worth clinging In that very moment of seeing, the toy slips out of your hands on its own accord because you no longer cling to it. Seeing the false as false is the beginning of the truth. But that seeing is arduous.

"For lives we have lived with the false and we have believed in the false. We have nurtured, nourished the false. All our hopes, all our dreams, are rooted in the false. Our whole lives are investments in the false; hence we are afraid even to look, we are afraid to observe, watch.

"The most frightening experience for human beings is to remember, to watch, to be aware; hence the difficulty in meditation. It does not arise from the outside; there is no disturbance outside. The real disturbance is within you. You really don't want to meditate. You are in a double bind. You listen to buddhas talking about the beauties and the blessings and the benedictions of meditation, and you become greedy for it. But then you look at your own investment and you become frightened. So you try to meditate, yet you don't really want to meditate because meditation means you will have to see things as they are – the false as false, the true as true – and that is going to shatter your whole effort of lives in a single moment."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

accept… responsible… real… innocent… seeing… reborn… existence… diogenes… gurdjieff… ouspensky

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