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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 08, # 9, (mp3) - belief, religious, marx


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Chaos Is a Womb

Talk #9 of the Series, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 08

"The mother superior of a convent advertised for a cleaner and retired old Cohen applied for the job. Since he was the only applicant, the mother superior had no other choice but to hire him.

"Six months later the mother called Mr. Cohen to her office and said to him, 'Dear Mr. Cohen, we are very, very pleased with your work. You are the first of your faith to be employed by us and I must repeat that we are pleased. You are a conscientious man and the church has never been cleaner. There are, however, three things I feel I should point out to you. Firstly, Mr. Cohen, don't wash your hands in the holy water. Secondly, don't hang your coat on the cross. And thirdly, please address me as Mother Superior and not as Mrs."
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Osho continues:

"Man ordinarily is a robot. He lives apparently awake, but not really. He walks, he talks, he acts, but it is all as if in sleep – not conscious of what he is doing, not conscious of what he is saying, not conscious of all that surrounds him. He moves surrounded in a dark cloud of unawareness.

"According to Gautama the Buddha, this is the original sin: to live unconsciously, to act out of unconsciousness.

"In fact, the word sin comes from a root which means forgetfulness. Sin simply means that we are not conscious, aware, alert, that we don't have any inner light to guide us.

"Buddha talks again and again in these sutras about falling into darkness, but you can fall into darkness only if your inside is full of darkness. Whatsoever is your inside is going to be your destiny. If the inner is full of light, the whole existence is full of light. If the inner is dark, then of course it is nothing but a dark night of the soul all around. You live through your inner core, so whatsoever is the case with your center is going to be reflected by your circumference. The whole world only reflects you, echoes you, resounds you. It is nothing but you multiplied a millionfold. So if you come across ugliness, it must be somewhere inside you. If you meet the enemy, you must have projected it. If you see death, that means something in you is rotten, something in you corresponds to death with which you have become identified.

"The world is a mirror; it always shows your real face to you. Buddha insists again and again: 'Use the world as a mirror, and then go inside and find the cause.' The cause is always in the inner; the effect is in the outer. Don't be deceived by the effect. Don't start thinking that the effect is the cause because then you will be leading a life rooted in utter ignorance. The face in the mirror is not the cause; the face in the mirror is only the effect. Don't try to change the face in the mirror, don't try to paint it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

belief… religious… renunciation… prison… pregnant… sin… conclusions… marx… farid… diderot

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