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The Taste of Enlightenment

Talk #5 of the Series, The Diamond Sutra

"To recapitulatein the last sutra Subhuti asked: 'Will there be any beings in the last epoch, at the time of the collapse of the good doctrine, who will be able to understand the dharma?'

"Buddha said: 'Do not speak thus, Subhuti! Yes, even then there will be beings who will understand the truth. Even one single thought of serene faith is enough to transform a man.' Known they are, Subhuti, to the Tathagata through his Buddha-cognition. Seen they are, Subhuti, by the Tathagata with his Buddha-eye, fully known, Subhuti, they are to the Tathagata.

"A few things to be understood, then it will be easy to enter into today's sutra. First, the good doctrine, the dharma. Buddha calls a doctrine good if it is not a doctrine. If it is a doctrine it is not a good doctrine."
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Osho continues:
"Buddha calls a philosophy good philosophy if it is not a philosophy. If it is a philosophy then it is not good philosophy.

"A doctrine is a set, fixed phenomenon. The universe is in flux; no doctrine can contain it. No doctrine can be just to it, no doctrine can do justice to existence. All doctrines fall short.

"So Buddha says: 'My doctrine is not a doctrine but just a vision. I have not given you any set rules, I have not given you a system.' He says: 'I have only given you an approach towards reality. I have only given you the keys to open the door. I have not said anything about what you will see when you open the door. Nothing can be said about it.'

"Just think of a man who has lived always in a dark cave, who knows nothing of light, who knows nothing of color, who has never seen the sun or the moon. How can you tell him about the rainbows? How can you talk to him about stars? How can you describe roses to him? It is impossible. And whatsoever you say to him, if he understands it, it will be wrong. He will create a doctrine and that will be wrong.

"So Buddha says: 'I have not given any doctrine to you. I have given you only the key to open the door so that you can come out of the dark cave of your being and you can see yourself what is the case – yatha bhutam, that which is.' Nothing has been said about it; that's why it is not a doctrine. Buddha is not a philosopher, he is a physician. That's exactly what he has said: 'I am a physician, not a philosopher.'

"A philosopher is one who goes on talking about color and light to a blind man, and goes on confusing him and confounding him. The blind man is incapable of understanding anything about light. Buddha says: 'I am not going to philosophize about light, I will simply give you a medicine, I will try to cure your eyes. Then you can see for yourself.' This is called the good doctrine, this is called dharma."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

choose, existence, perception, emptiness, attain, spiritual, doctrine, tathagata, shiva, heraclitus

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