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What Is a Bodhisattva?

Talk #6 of the Series, The Diamond Sutra

What is all this stuff about bodhisattvas? I don't believe a word of it. There is no such thing.

"Yes, it is all nonsense. But you will have to understand the word nonsense. It is beyond sense. You need not believe it, you cannot believe it – you can only experience it. It is a nonsense experience. But it is true, it is absolutely true. It happens. Till it happens there is no way to believe in it, and there is no need either. Buddha is never in favor of any kind of belief. Whatsoever he says, it is experience, it is existential. It is something beyond the mind.

"Ordinarily we use the word nonsense for that which is below mind. But there is something beyond mind too – that too is nonsense."
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Osho continues:
"The mind cannot make any sense out of it. Unless your mind disappears you will not be able to see what this bodhi-being is. It is not a thing, true, it is an experiencing.

"You know desire, you know passion, you know sex, you know love. Try to explain it to a child in whom the sexual desire has not yet taken form, and he will say it is all nonsense. Just try to explain it to a four-year-old child – that you have fallen in love – and he will look at you with unbelieving eyes. What are you talking about? What is this stuff 'love'?

"And all your romance and all your poetry and all that is throbbing in your heart is impossible to relate to a child. He has not tasted of that experience yet, he is unaware of it. The desire has not arisen in him. Buddha calls that desire wasana. That wasana has not arisen in him. And unless it arises there is no way to communicate anything about it.

"The same wasana, the same energy that is involved in desire, in sex, in love, one day is freed of desire. One day desire drops. Just as one day it arises, one day it drops too. Anything that is born will die, anything that begins will end. And if life goes very very naturally and spontaneously then there is a certain stage which can be demarked.

"Sex arises at the age of fourteen – sexual maturity – and the child is thrilled with something unknown and new. The child has got the wind of desire – a great passion and fire is arising in him. Now never again will he be that innocence that was there before this desire. He will never look at things with that innocence again.

"If life moves spontaneously, naturally, then exactly fourteen years before your death the desire will disappear; exactly fourteen years before your death sex will become irrelevant. Suddenly again you will find that dream is no more there, that passion has subsided, that storm has disappeared, and there is silence, utter silence. But your energy was involved in the desire, the desire has disappeared, where will the energy go?

"You are still creating energy by food, by breathing, by exercise, by living."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

need, hell, holy, dreams, enlightenment, glimpse, known, loved, bodhidharma, tamerlane

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